May 29, 2007

A Fun Marshmallow Birthday Cake

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I am delighted to share this gorgeous birthday cake idea with you. It’s an easy one for a kid’s party and really packs a punch!

Marshmallow Cake

Simply make a normal sponge or buttermilk vanilla cake (see Nigella’s Domestic Goddess book or the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook for inspiration) and ice your cake with a pink-or orange- tinged buttercream icing (easy peasy – butter, icing sugar and a smidge of pink or orange food colouring beaten together until it is soft and fluffy) and cover the cake in a pattern of marshmallows. It is so easy, so delightful and so fun for kids!

Happy Celebrating!


May 24, 2007

Inspired by Gorgeous Indian Celebrations

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Big 2

I must admit that I’ve recently become very inspired by the vivid colour, heady aroma and intense traditions of Indian weddings. In my search for inspiration, I’ve come across a lovely website full of great images and ideas for an Eastern-inspired celebration called Wedding Sutra… and no, this isn’t just a great site for wedding ideas. You can easily adapt these ideas for your next dinner party or cocktail event.

Happy Celebrating!


May 22, 2007

Wedding Images to Inspire You – Thanks to Loretta & Roger!

I promised to post the gorgeous photos of Loretta and Roger’s recent wedding, which was organised by Pink Frosting, as soon as they were available. Well, here they are! Many thanks to O Photography which provided these amazing images, and our other supporters including Manuka Flowers, The Lobby Restaurant and Cakes of Your Dreams.

Loretta and Flowergirl Now Married Couple at Front of Church Guests at Church Loretta and Roger B&W Loretta and Roger Colour Bridal Party Cake Close-UpOutdoor Decorations The Hussle

Happy Celebrating!


May 16, 2007

Balancing a Drink & an Hors D’oeuvre!

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It’s the age-old question, isn’t it? How do you balance a drink and an hors d’oeuvre at a cocktail party without spilling one or dropping the other? How would Hyacinth Bucket handle this delicate situation?

Hyacinth Small

I remember being taught this trick when my mum sent me off to June Daly Watkins deportment classes when I was 15 and in need of some grooming…

If you do get caught, the trick is to manoeuvre the hors d’oeuvre into your left hand with your drink (wrapped in the napkin of course) leaving your right hand free to shake hands with the other person.

Kate Spade describes this beautifully in her book, “Occasions”:

“Putting aside those with innate balance, for most of us the act of juggling is an elusive art. It helps to have a small hors d’oevre and better still, to be quick about it. Don’t linger and nibble. Eat up! The best hors d’oevres are one-bite morsels.”

I think this is the safest solution!

Happy Celebrating!


May 14, 2007

A Farewell Dinner

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Blair Farewell

We’ve been asked to organise a fairly intimate, but very special farewell dinner. The dinner itself is fairly easy – gorgeous catering and lovely champagne for our guests. The setting and the feeling for the night though, deserves much more attention.

Kate Spade, one of America’s most loved designers, recently released a beautiful book called “Occasions” which I often dip into for inspiration, a reminder about etiquette and simply a little giggle. Kate has some lovely ideas for a farewell dinner which I thought I would share with you:

“To start, a farewell dinner should be all about the guest of honour, so I would make sure that everything we serve is their favourite, beginning with the champagne (budget permitting) and ending with the dessert. I’m a big believer that a dinner for a special occasion should have a little something that you can take home with you, so I might set mini menus before each plate with the new address of our friends on the back side. As a farewell gift for departing friends, I’d get a beautiful address book and fill it with everyone’s name and address. That way our friends would have a memento and something useful.”

The next time you’re asked to pull together a farewell event, use some of these wonderful ideas. They are sure to make the departing guests and those remaining behind feel warm and fuzzy.

Happy Celebrating!


May 12, 2007

Winnie the Pooh Party

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Pooh Plates

Winnie the Pooh parties are very popular with little kids, up to about 6 years of age. The characters are great fun to create a party around, and the Hundred Acre Woods is a perfect central decorating theme for your fun day.

We’ve organised a few Winnie the Pooh parties. Here are some of our ideas:

Create Rabbit’s Garden in your backyard for a treasure hunt. It’s much less messy if the carrots are paper and the soil is black plastic! Use some hardy cardboard as your white picket fence and don’t forget to put up some signs straight from The World of Pooh to make it authentic: ‘Rabit’s Garden’.

Play the old-standard “Pin the tail on the donkey” with a large cutout of Eeyore, making the tails out of grey and pink ribbon.

In one of my favourite childhood books, The World of Pooh, A.A. Milne writes about a party Christopher Robin throws for his best friend, Winnie the Pooh. Christopher sets a long table and the friends all have a grand picnic in the sunshine, under a shady tree. Take this as inspiration and host your party outdoors, even on picnic rugs and serve finger food inspired by pooh – carrots, honey sandwiches, beestings, cupcakes and homemade lemonade.

For the cake, go all out and make precious little beehive cupcakes using a standard vanilla recipe for the base, decorated with yellow-dyed frosting spiralled around the top. Wind tiny strings of black-strap licorice around the spirals to create the beehive look. Top with a pipecleaner bee which you can pick up at your local $2 store.

For some crafty fun, have the kids paint some “drippy honey pots” to take home. Pink Frosting has some great painting pot kits for you to use for this.

Most of all, have fun with this theme. Gardens, puddles, bears, ‘roos and more should be your inspiration!

Happy celebrating!


May 7, 2007

And some gorgeous wedding stationery too!

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I posted some new stationery yesterday which is available at Pink Frosting’s online store. I failed to post the gorgeous new wedding ranges though! Here they are for your inspiration!

Flourish in Blue

Flourish in Blue

Pink Frangipani
Pink Frangipani

Happy Celebrating!


May 6, 2007

New in store: gorgeous stationery!

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As you would be aware, Pink Frosting only deals with the very best suppliers of beautiful products for entertaining, parties and weddings. One of our favourite suppliers is “Alannah Rose” exclusive stationery boutique.

New in store today are some beautiful new Alannah Rose stationery designs for kid’s parties, christenings, birth announcements, engagements and weddings. Check out some of the gorgeous samples below:

Little Parties
One Girl

Boy’s Birth Announcements & Keepsake Cards (for any occasion)
Boys Keepsake 1

Engagement Parties
She Said Yes

Happy celebrating!


May 3, 2007

A Fantasy Party

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A girlfriend of mine is hosting a “fantasy” party this weekend, which should be a hoot. She’s invited loads of great fun people to dress up as their ultimate fantasy character. I’ve heard on the grapevine that there will be a Snow White, a Cinderella, a Pirate, a Marilyn Monroe and someone planning to come as himself because he is the ultimate fantasy character just as he is… hmmm.

Come on guys, let’s get creative with this one!

I suppose as a Mum my ultimate fantasy is a good night’s sleep without any interruptions, nighmarish dreams or worries. Could I come in my PJ’s and simply sleep on the couch? Heaven!

The alternative is to actually find some time to read a good book, hang out in the bath or go to the gym… maybe I could wear a leotard and showercap, cover myself in bubbles and carry around a copy of the latest Marian Keyes book… Oh, this party is sounding better ever moment!

There’s a very cool web survey which only takes a few moments to complete and gives you your ultimate fantasy character match. Go ahead and give it a go for some fun. I’m Luke Skywalker, by the way. Not bad for a girl who has never seen Star Wars!


Seriously folks, this is a great idea for a party and really helps break the ice with your fellow guests. For the decorating, the options are limitless – shoot for fairytale pretty, galleon gallantry or go over the top with leather, feathers and all other fetishist fashions.

Happy Celebrating!


May 2, 2007

Table Centrepieces

Your table centrepiece really is the most important stylistic decoration item you need to contemplate when organising an event. Whether your event is a full-scale formal wedding, a children’s party or a small dinner party, the centrepiece will add drama, personality and scale to your event.

Table centrepieces can be as expensive as you dare, with fresh flowers and great height and drama; but, there are alternatives to the dramatic and extravagant! Take inspiration from some of the newest ideas in table centrepieces.

Table 5Table 4Table 3Table 2Fruit DisplayTable 8Table 7Table 6

Eclectic Tables
Create a one of a kind feel for your event, by dressing each table differently. Use different flowers, different candles, different elements from the one theme to create a real sense of personality. For example, this design works wonderfully with the Vintage theme, where you can find mismatched crockery, different jugs and candles and plenty of vintage-styled blossoms to fill tables. Visit an antiques fair or your local market and pick up plenty of vases and trinkets to add personality to your tables.

Monochromatic Look
The classic, crisp design of the monochromatic look is still the most modern tablepiece theme you can choose. Right now, the mod look is in, so maybe add some red or yellow in stark contrast to your black/ white theme. Think about height, drama, the whitest of white blooms (if you must) and plenty of black crockery on crisp white linen. Elegant and never out of style.

From Your Own Backyard
One of the strongest themes we are seeing in events now is the idea of dressing your event from your own backyard. Go outside and look at your backyard from a fresh perspective. Do you have twigs, greens, flowers and bark that could be used in a creative centrepiece? Take come gorgeous gumnuts and wattle and lay them on the tables in a very natural display with a few ivory and chocolate candles.

Casting a Glow
Candles have always been responsible for adding romance to the table and the room. Floral experts are taking the concept a step further this season by incorporating candles within the centrepieces themselves. This works on tall, full arrangements such as cherry blossom branches, where votives can be hung on ribbon or wire-like hangers. Alternatively, tall cylinders can be filled with colored water to match the wedding palette, and small floating candles can be placed in each.

Happy Celebrating!