June 12, 2007

Crackers for a party?

When you think of crackers (the kind that you pull on both ends which ends in a bang and a novelty gift and some crazy little riddle falls out of the middle) you generally think of Christmas, right? Wrong…

I’ve found some of the world’s most amazing crackers designed right here in Australia!

Party Crack-A-Tunes

For adult parties and kid’s birthdays, these amazing crackers really pack a punch!

Pink Frosting’s crackers are works of art – handcrafted in Australia for the most discerning entertainer, these crackers will wow your guests with their beautiful presentation and first class gifts inside. Crack-a-TuneĀ® is uniquely different from an ordinary crackers because it uses an electronic device to emit sound. It has retained its traditional shape but when pulled apart emits music not a bang and plays “Happy Birthday to You”. Fantastic to add some fun to your party or as gifts for your guests.

Don’t be put off by the price. The crackers are huge, will be almost all you need to decorate your tables and will wow your guests with the upmarket gifts inside. For a tray of six crackers in assorted colours, the Crack-A-Tune’s retail for $45.95.

Of course, we have some amazing crackers for Christmas too… by the same company, these gorgeous designs are for your best party and entertaining over the Christmas season.

Angel Crackers Small

Happy Celebrating!



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