June 30, 2008

Decorating an Event with Lanterns

I’m a big fan of decorating with massive impact when it comes to weddings, parties and celebrations of any kind. My favourite decorating piece by far is the simple rice paper lantern. They are cheap as chips (big ball lanterns start from as low as $5 a piece) and pack an enormous decorating punch.

Rice paper lanterns come in so many sizes, colours and styles, but my favourite is the simple ball lantern which you can use to light and accentuate an event. For decorating a marquee to a dinner table to a dance floor, the paper lantern is the best decoration you can invest in for your event. And the best part? They can be packed down, stored and re-used for your next big shindig.

Here are some of the ways we love to use lanterns:

Lanterns MS Red small.jpg
Image: Martha Stewart Weddings Collector’s Edition Summer 2008

The same look can be achieved with any colour. We love monochrome for visual impact, and you can personalise the look with personalised ribbon which again, isn’t crazy expensive.

Lanterns Fete Inside.jpg
Image: Fete, the Wedding Experience by Jung Lee

Famous Manhattan wedding planner Jung Lee has a fascination with lanterns, as I do! She’s used them to perfection here to create an impact as guests arrive at a wedding reception.

Lanterns Fete Table.jpg
Image: Fete, the Wedding Experience by Jung Lee

Here’s Jung’s handiwork again. Creating a warm and intimate dinner table setting using low nested lanterns even when you have a long reception table.

Lanterns MS garden party.jpg
Image: Martha Stewart Living

Martha’s team has used butterfly accents on this outdoor lantern display. Complement your wedding theme using just about any craft accent to create the same effect. I am inspired to use paper daisies right now – wouldn’t that look divine?

Lanterns Fete Marquee.jpg
Image: Fete, the Wedding Experience by Jung Lee

And finally, the way we usually know lanterns to be used for big event. Here are clusters of paper ball lanterns in various shades of the one colour in a big marquee over the dance floor. Elegant and stylish by Jung Lee again.

Happy Celebrating!



  1. I love paper lanterns! So gorgeous!

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  4. I love this idea but want to know what light surce you use? I cant see how you get the light in the lantans?

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