July 18, 2008

Bridal Garter Trends – What’s Hot Right Now

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Bridal garters can be as traditional or as contemporary as you dare. I love the new contemporary and handmade traditional versions available for brides right now. In fact, there are so many choices, it might boggle you completely when you just need a rest from making decisions! So, to help you through the garter decision minefield, the Pink Frosting wedding planning team have put together a list of their favourite new and traditional bridal garters available to buy online right now.

Themed Garters with Plenty of Character

Garter Tropical.jpg
garter brooch.jpg
All Images: PetereneDesign at Etsy

The humble garter is no longer simply a band of elasticised satin! Oh no! Style gurus such as Peterene Design at Etsy have brought the garter to the forefront of your bridal accessory list. This stylish tropical themed garter is one example of how an experienced lingerie designer can create a bespoke garter for you in the style of your wedding theme.

Something Blue Garters

Garter something blue.jpg
Image: Pink Frosting

For those brides who don’t have a blue themed wedding but don’t want to mess with tradition by not wearing something blue, a blue garter can be just the ticket. It’s hidden from view and allows you to honour the tradition of something old, new, borrowed and blue. We love the whimsical crystal heart in this Blue Crush garter which is the best selling garter at Pink Frosting’s online store by a long way!

Say Something About Yourself

Garter Batman.jpg
Image: GartersByKristi at Etsy

garter oz.jpg
Image: PetereneDesign at Etsy

Your garter allows you to have a little fun with your bridal accessories on your wedding day. Because it’s hidden from public view until you’re ready to show some leg later at your reception, you can have a little of your humourous personality with you at all times. Usually by the bridal toss, your guests are ready for some fun, so you can toss your personality garter with loads of good humour.

Honour Thy Traditions

garter fleur de lis.jpg
Image: Pink Frosting

The tradition of brides throwing their bridal garters is thought to date back to 14th century England when wedding guests believed owning a piece of the brides wedding dress would bring good luck. The brides dress was literally tore at and so, to keep the dress and themselves intact, they began throwing their bridal garters to the male guests. Sometimes the male guests would become rowdy and attempt to remove the garter from the bride themselves so it became custom for the groom to remove the bridal garter from his brides leg and throw it himself.

This isn’t a delicate and restrained custom, but we think a delicate and pretty garter is the best nod to tradition, always. Lacey, handmade, adorned and pretty is a beautiful traditional style for your wedding garter, and is always in fashion for brides.

Happy Celebrating!


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  1. I love the Dorothy garter! How gorgeous. I wish these fun designs had been around when I got married.

    Comment by Adore-a-Bride — July 21, 2008 @ 1:22 am

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