January 6, 2009

The Empress of all Parasols

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There’s a buzz in the air!  January is always a favourite time of year for the Pink Frosting team because every day new beautiful products hit our warehouse and we gather around in anticipation as the boxes are slit open and the tissue is pulled away to reveal… the latest Pink Frosting gorgeous celebration accessories and decorations.   Today, new parasols hit the warehouse.  These glamorous Empress parasols really will take your breath away. 

The Empress parasol is gracious and regal and we can see it being the perfect accessory for the races, a garden picnic, a walk along the beach or of course on your wedding day.

With a wide curvacious canopy ending in a delicate pointed tip, this parasol gives your head and shoulders plenty of shade. 

Apart from being just simply glamorous, the Empress parasol features:

  • – Canopy made from heavy cotton, NOT nylon
  • – Ergonomically long shaft, rests comfortably on the shoulder
  • – Polished curved bamboo handle
  • – Quality durable steel frame
  • – Good sun protection

Sigh.  No wonder we are in love!  The Empress Parasols are also an impressive price.  Just $55 and in stock now.

Happy Celebrating!



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