December 27, 2010

Tips for a Successful Family Friendly New Years Eve Party

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Rainbow mirror ball

With Christmas now behind us, we turn to New Years Eve as our next big reason to celebrate.  Many of us will be ringing in 2011 with a New Year Party that includes little guests and given the late evening and the loud celebrations, this event isn’t often perfectly suited to children in our world.  Here are our best tips for creating a successful family friendly New Years Eve party for all your guests come 31st December.

1.  Make it a dress up party.  Kids love dressing up and it adds to the fun games that can be played during the evening – best dressed competitions and charades are our favourite standards.

2.  Let the kids decorate their own space – give them plenty of balloons, streamers, party hats, blow horns, craft supplies and confetti to use.  Turn up the music and give them an hour or two to get creative!

3.  Let the kids create their own 2011 New Year Party Hats, noise makers (drink bottles with dyed rice and confetti works really well and looks great) and t-shirts.  You’ll only need one adult to supervise, so the rest of the party can enjoy a few cocktails while the kids get crafting!

4.  Let the kids create a movie or wall mural with all of their memories of 2010.  The kids can act out the movie, narrate with pictures or download video from the internet.  Play the movie to the adults and give each guest a copy to take home on CD.  Easy to do and heaps of fun.

5. If older kids will be there, explain what New Year Resolutions are all about, and have them write their own resolutions that they can take home with them.

6.  Let the kids watch the New Years celebrations from around the world on the news channels with plenty of popcorn and fun drinks in plastic champagne glasses.  This will teach the kids about geography and time, as well as get them fired up with plenty of colourful fireworks to watch.

7.  If all else fails, set up a movie theatre in your home with plenty of comfy chairs and bean-bags, yummy treats like flavoured popcorn and 2011 frosted cupcakes and let the kids watch some fun movies. 

8.  Make sure you have beds made up for any kids that don’t make it through until midnight.  Let the kids sleep peacefully away from the noise in a warm space with clean sheets, so the rest of the party can continue without disturbing them.

Pink Frosting has some fantastic themed New Years Eve party ideas you might also enjoy when planning your 2011 celebrations. 

Happy Celebrating!


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  1. I think I can apply all of the above to the adults coming to my party, too. (Love, love, love the colored disco balls!) Thanks.

    Comment by — December 29, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

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