March 15, 2012

Penny’s Alice in Wonderland Party

When my daughter announced she wanted an Alice in Wonderland party this year, I was overjoyed!  I had instant visions of a Mad Hatter’s tea party on our porch in the sunshine and turning our backyard into a croquet pitch.  Together, we planned a gorgeous event for all of her friends, filled with lots of unique touches.  Here’s Penny’s Alice in Wonderland party for your pleasure.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Table

Alice in wonderland party 1

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Mad Hatter's Hat

Alice in Wonderland Party Table Setting

Gorgeous Mad Hatter’s Tea Party accents were used to bring the theme to life.  My favourite are the Utterly Scrumptious Canape Flags from Pink Frosting Party Shop that have the cute tea party sayings printed on them in sorbet colours – Eat Me!  Delectable!  Take One!  Who could possibly resist?

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Mad Hatters Tea Party Decorations

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Decorations

We also loved the idea of bringing in some of Penny’s favourite parts of the story such as the Queen of Hearts and her deck of cards!  We strung together a deck of cards back to back with fishing line in between, creating a deck of cards garland.  While the wind doesn’t show this particularly well in our photos, it looked great and was a real hit.  Penny’s favourite line?  “Why, you’re nothing but a deck of cards!”

Deck of Cards Garland

The kids also made some amazing daisies for the verandah.  We took some timber cutouts of flowers and decorated them with different scrapbooking papers from Spotlight.  Then the kids added stickers and some of their own drawings.  We tapped them into the side of the balcony to add a gorgeous backdrop to the garden setting.

Timber flowers decorated by the kids

The gorgeous cake was made by the talented Sally from Vanderkamps.  It featured a main teapot cake and lots of little teacups for individual charm.  The cakes were delicious and simply gorgeous!

Alice's Tea Party Cake

And here are some gorgeous photos of the kids enjoying the party fare.

Alice and the Knight in Shining Armour

The Mad Hatter

Gorgeous Hats

Alice in Wonderland Dress Up

Alice in Wonderland Party

Here are the links to some of the gorgeous products we used to create Penny’s Alice in Wonderland party:

Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations , Utterly Scrumptious Vintage Party Sandwich Cake Stand,  Deluxe Velvet Mad Hatters hat, party lanterns, bunting and pom poms at Pink Frosting Party Shop.  All of our delicious party lollipops and candy buffet supplies also from Pink Frosting, and yummy treats baked at home with love by Mum.

Happy Celebrating!


July 18, 2011

Pretty Kid Decorated Party Biscuits

I’m in the midst of loading up gorgeous tried and true ideas for kids party food on Pink Frosting’s party planning pages right now, and on the weekend my kids and I had a ball making and decorating party biscuits to make triple-certain that my recipe was fail safe.  Armed with bags of lollies, cachous, yummy sprinkles and lots of creativity, here’s what the kids and I were able to create in just a few hours.  This is so much fun for children’s parties – set out lots of bowls of sprinkles, lollies, icing pens and let the kids create their own decorated cookies.  Delicious and heaps of fun!

Kids Decorated Cookies

Kids Decorated Cookies

Butterfly Kids Decorated Cookie


Kids Decorated Cookies

Hundreds and Thousands Party Cookie

Kids Decorated Cookies

You can visit my post on Party Biscuits at Pink Frosting’s online party planning website.

Happy Celebrating!


September 29, 2010

Fun New Party Balloon Decorations

Balloons October 2010 copy

The hippest party planners from around the world are taking the humble balloon and making it the chicest decorating accessory of the moment.  Take giant bulbous balloons filled with helium and use them to decorate your room and each table.  Secure with your floral centrepiece or in a vase of lollies for a truly whimsical look.  Cheap, beautiful and fun!

Australia’s most stylish party shop, Pink Frosting, has just taken delivery of a whole new range of chic party balloons, perfect for kids parties, Christmas and other holiday celebrations, adult birthday parties, swanky soirees and even weddings.  Some of our favourites include:

Whatever you’re celebrating, beautiful party balloons really are the central decoration packing a punch on a budget.  The Pink Frosting balloon range is all professional quality – perfect for inflating with helium (you can hire helium canisters locally) or simply inflating with good old fashioned lung power!

Shop Pink Frosting Party Balloons >>

Happy Celebrating!


September 13, 2010

Spring Pink Party Table

It’s a little warmer now and with Floriade blooming in all its glory, we know it’s now finally SPRING!  Yippeee!  September always brings a brighter outlook – beautiful blooms, winter sports finishing up (weekends become free!) and there are many reasons to celebrate!  For a Spring party, we have some inspiration from our wonderful friends at Sambellina.  Pink Frosting adores the Sambellina range of party plates, party invitations and other party supplies – unique, pretty and very sweet for any celebration – young or old.  Here’s a gorgeous Spring pink party table to inspire your parties this season.


Not only is this pretty table gorgeous for a kids birthday party, it is also gorgeous for a Pink Ribbon tea, a bridal shower or kitchen tea, or a baby shower celebrating a little girl. 

Other pretty Spring party favourites include:

Shop Pink Frosting’s range of Spring and Garden themed party decorations and supplies now >>

Happy Celebrating!


July 5, 2009

Cake of the Week: A Pink Wedding or Party Cake Buffet

Cake equals celebration like no other food and is the special occasion culinary equivalent of champagne, particularly when topped with pink frosting!  So, if you’re like me and love just about every kind of cake, then why not treat your guests to a cake buffet at your wedding or other special occasion?  My mouth is watering right now!  Here are is my favourite pink cake buffet presentation by the amazing Annick Van Wesemael:

I just love the way Annick uses flowers in all of her party presentations.  She is a master florist like no other.  This adorable pink cake buffet could be used at a wedding, christening, baby shower, bridal shower, kitchen tea or child’s party.  Simply divine.

Happy Celebrating!


May 17, 2009

Cake of the Week: First Birthday Pink Marshmallow Cake

This yummy cake is one I created myself for a first birthday celebration.  First birthday cakes need to be spongey, not overwhelming and light on colouring for little palettes.  This cake ticks all of the boxes and looks really sweet too!  It takes all of about 10 minutes to decorate, so for busy Mum’s, it’s the perfect party cake.

Simply make a normal sponge or buttermilk vanilla cake (see Nigella’s Domestic Goddess book or the Australian Women’s Weekly Kids Party Cake book for inspiration) and ice your cake with a pink-or orange- tinged buttercream icing (easy peasy – butter, icing sugar and a smidge of pink or orange food colouring beaten together until it is soft and fluffy) and cover the cake in a pattern of marshmallows. It is so easy, so delightful and so fun for kids!

You could change the colour of the frosting and marshmallows to make it more appropriate for baby boys.  I am also keen to try the marshmallow decoration on a Barbie cake for older girls.  It’s also a great cake for baby showers, tea parties and christenings.

Happy Celebrating!


May 10, 2009

Cake of the Week: Happy Mother’s Day Cupcake Pops

Happy Mother’s Day!  Baking for Mum has always been a bit of a tradition in my family, and I wanted to find a cupcake this year so that I could share the baking experience with my young kids.  The fabulous Bakerella featured these cupcakes with a flower pop recently and I thought they were so cheerful and gorgeous for Mother’s Day.  Who could resist?

Flower Parts

Here are Bakerella’s instructions on how to create these gorgeous cupcakes:

Make your cake pops following the basic cake pop instructions, but instead of shaping the pops into balls, make them more oval-shaped with one end flat so you can glue the flower parts on. Also, if you don’t want to make the entire recipe into flowers, you can divide the baked cake into fourths and freeze the unwanted sections for later use. Yay!

12 cake pops = 1/4 9 X 13 cake
24 cake pops = 1/2 9 X13 cake
36 cake pops = 3/4 9 X 13 cake
48 cake pops = One 9 X 13 cake

Man… I’m good at math.

Make sure you divide the frosting appropriately also.

Dip the pops in the color candy melts you want for your base. I used white here because it blended in with the white part of the candy corn and camouflaged the gaps a little.

Once dipped, let the cake pops dry standing up in a styrofoam block.

When dry, dip the flat tops back in some of the melted candy coating. This will act as the glue. The coating should be starting to cool off so it takes less time to dry when you attach the pieces.

Now for the balancing act.

Lightly grip the cake pop in your left hand, so your thumb and forefinger can act as a ledge for the candy corn to rest on when you attach them to the top of the pop. If you can do this without letting your hands touch the sides of the cake pop… even better because your body heat can start to melt the sides if you’re not careful. It helps a little to let the lollipop stick rest on your leg if you are sitting down.

I know. I know. Sounds like a lot of work. But, I had come this far and they were for… you know… the person who gave birth to me.

Hold them in place long enough for the pieces to set/dry in place and not slide down the side of the pop… which will happen if you remove your hand too soon. Did I mention that this was an experiment? Anyway, when attached, place a tiny bit of candy coating in the center and attach the yellow candies to finish off the flower. Right about here, I realized how happy I was that I decided to only make a dozen of these.

Another method is instead of dipping the top of the pop in candy melts is to apply one petal at a time by dipping the bottom of the candy corn in some of the melted candy coating and then glue it to the top. Wait a minute. Did you get all that? Because I think my head is going to explode.

I wish I had a picture to show you all of this, but my hands were kinda busy.

Flower tops

It’s a good idea to get all your pieces ready before you start any glueing. The centers in this case were yellow mint candies from The Fresh Market. (But m&ms would work, too.) And, if you’re like most of the population, and don’t have extra bunny corn laying around, you can try using licorice pastels and licorice buttons or check out the nearest candy aisle and get creative.

Licorice Candy Flowers

These licorice candies give more of a wildflower look, but still pretty. I like them (also from the Fresh Market) because their shapes are a little more irregular. You can also get Good & Plenty brand licorice candies in this colour pink. They are just a little bit fatter and more uniform in shape.

When all the flowers are made, you can arrange them in a small heavy basket or vase (The heavier, the better, so it doesn’t tip over) with at least 2-inch thick styrofoam in the bottom. Also if you decide to transport, keep the flowers from touching each other. The petals can be knocked off easily if they fall into each other.

As for shopping for all of the pieces in Australia, the best candy shops online are:

My Lollies
Goody Goody Gumdrops
My Favourite Lollies
Wallies Lollies

Happy Celebrating!


March 15, 2009

Found: Unique and Beautiful Children’s Party and Baby Shower Invitations

Finding unique and beautiful children’s party and baby shower invitations is a difficult task.  In a world of cookie-cutter ideas and themes, it is sometimes hard to find a way to make your party or shower stand out from the crowd.  The Pink Frosting team feel we’ve found a range that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to party invitations:

  1. They’re beautiful, unique and oh so stylish.
  2. They’re boxed, pretty and presented just-so.
  3. There are 21 designs to choose from in contemporary, pretty and fun colours and styles from monkeys and rockets for boys to lala birds and parisian motifs for girls.
  4. Baby shower invitations just got a facelift.  These stylish designs present a whole new raft of theme ideas to celebrate your impending birth. 
  5. There is an amazing Cupcake party invitation that we just have to use straight away!
  6. They are easy to use and practical – fill-in invitations are the perfect way to invite guests to kids parties and showers.
  7. They are a great price – $24.95 for a box of 10 invitations and envelopes.
  8. The quality is astonishing for the fantastic price.  They have rounded edges, printed in rich colours on a matte card.
  9. They are from a great Australian stationery designer, Alannah Rose, and we love it when we find amazing Aussie products!
  10. They’re available from the great Australian party and baby shower shop, Pink Frosting for delivery right away!

Here are just a small sample of the designs for you to ooh and aah over.  View them all in the Alannah Rose party stationery store at Pink Frosting.

La La Bird Boxed Party Invitations

Take Me to the Fair Boxed Party Invitations

Cupcake Celebrate Boxed Party Invitations

One Little Monkey Boxed First Birthday Party Invitations

Spooky Spider Party Boxed Invitations

So Sweet Sixteen Boxed Party Invitations

Roll Up Circus Party Boxed Invitations

Hatching Soon Baby Shower Boxed Invitations

Vintage Blue Christening Boxed Invitations

Happy Celebrating!


February 18, 2009

The Personalised Chocolate Bar Favor Gets a Revamp!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  It’s the obvious choice for a favor for your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, corporate event or kids party… well, any celebration really!  But, the options for personalising a chocolate bar favor in Australia have been really boring, old-fashioned and quite awful actually.  Until now!

The personalised chocolate bar favor has had a revamp and hip, hip, hooray!  They are amazing!

For only $3.55 each, they won’t break the bank either.  Available at Pink Frosting’s online celebration shop.  Perfect!

And on a very serious note, these chocolate bars are produced in a nut free U.S. facility and are guaranteed safe for anyone with a nut or peanut allergy.  Phew…

Happy Celebrating!


January 19, 2009

The Perfect Pink Party – How to Take Colour and Create a Fantasy Party Palette

Pink is my favourite colour and a favourite for so many girls around the world.  It reminds us of fairy floss, our mother’s lipstick, perfect sunsets, and marshmallows.  It is a happy colour: full of fun, frivolity and whimsy.  And for entertaining, one of the easiest and most beautiful themes for any party is the favourite colour of the guest of honour.  So, in my how to take a colour and create a fantasy party palette, what other colour could I possibly choose but pink?

A colour party is a wonderful theme for just about any event.  From a child’s birthday to an engagement party, a bridal shower to a baby shower, an anniversary celebration to a graduation party, a simple colour theme for your celebration is a great place to start.  With a colour as your theme, it’s easy to achieve party fabulousness!

Firstly, choose the colour for your party palette.  Once you have the colour, you can decorate your party in various shades of that colour and know that the tones will complement one another perfectly.  If you choose blue, you have shades of periwinkle, sea-blue, navy and Tiffany blue to choose from.  All will look amazing together.  For pinks, you have from the softest baby pink through to the hottest fuschia to use.  Mixing the shades together means a much easier time for you – no trying to match rose petals to stationery – and it also is a contemporary and dramatic decorating effect.

Stationery and Favors

Do it yourself with beautiful hand-made pretty in pink invitations.  Origami dresses on hot pink card are the perfect announcement for a bridal shower, baby shower or girl’s party in this theme.  They set the scene, let the guests know just how to dress and give an impression of the type of event your party will be.  Here are some amazing pink coloured hand-made party invitation ideas using the range of designer papers at Pink Frosting’s online stationery store.

For your favors, choose pretty pink personalised candy jars filled with strawberry-flavoured jelly beans, pink silk hand fans with cherry blossom thank you tags, pastel pink cones filled with dried rose petals or candy-pink handbag favour boxes filled with yummy and decadent chocolate buttons.

Decorating Your Party

Take your colour and go wild!  In these amazing shots from Annick Van Wesemael’s beautiful book, Tasty Tables, marshmallows and baby roses are central to creating the pretty in pink theme.  Cones made of pretty pink paper, filled with roses and marshmallows act as whimsical centrepieces.  Bouquets of baby roses secured with flowing satin ribbon dance delicately from their stakes in the soft green grass.  The cake is not what it seems!  Annick has created a fantasy cake made of tightly packed roses and baby’s breath.  Candy tables are filled with the sweetest of pink sweets – from marshmallows to fairy floss.   The ornaments are edible – a beautiful treat reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel without any of the scary moments!

Your best friends are one-coloured linens, crepe paper, candy in the colour of your choice, balloons (giant round balloons are a gorgeous decoration that packs a punch on a budget) and satin ribbon in every shade of your colour imaginable. 

Whatever your colour fantasy, happy celebrating!


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