July 31, 2008

Honey Themed Event Inspiration

My grandfather has an old fashioned honey pot with a wooden dipper which reminds me of sweet weekends spent with my grandparents when I was a little tyke. I came across a beautiful wedding invitation inspired by honeycomb (see below) which reminded me of this pot and thought what a beautiful theme for a wedding or weekend soiree.

Honecomb invite sm.jpg
Image: Brooklyn Bride

These gorgeous little honey pots with wooden dippers are just like I remember my grandfather’s; but cuter and far more fun for a wedding or weekend soiree. I love the idea of using them as placecards (on plates with yellow checked napkins) as well as a guest gift to take home after the celebration has ended.


For table centrepieces and decorations, just about any sunny flower arrangement will do. However, I just adore sunflowers and think they always make a table more sunny and happy. Whatever you choose, make it natural, pretty and sweet scented. Perfect to attract honey bees.

Sunflower centrepiece.jpg
Image from Sunflower Celebrations.

Make your honey inspired menu an irresistible treat without being sickly sweet. I’ve selected these home-style honey-infused recipes from Martha Stewart.

Canapes/ Starter: Cheddar Sandwiches with Pickles and Honey Mustard

Honeycomb Sandwiches.jpg

Main: Honeyed Ham with Pears and Cranberries
Honeycomb Ham with Pears MS.jpg

Dessert: Peaches with Honey Syrup
Honeycomb Peaches.jpg

As for cocktails, there are so many sweet options! We love this happy concoction:

4 parts Brandy
2 parts Grapefruit Juice
1 part Runny Honey

Chill a cocktail glass with ice or in the freezer. Pour brandy, grapefruit juice and runny honey into a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake it until the shaker is very cold. Empty the cocktail glass from ice and water. Strain the drink into the cocktail glass.

Happy Celebrating!


September 7, 2007

Romantic Spring Flowers

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Spring flowers can reflect romance and tradition, or due to their often dramatic lines and shapes, they can be used in stunning modern displays. The important thing to keep in mind: many of these blooms have relatively short seasons of availability, so work with your florist to determine what will be available in your area on the date of your wedding before you lock in to one choice.


Varieties: Tulips come in almost every colour except blue; varieties include French, Parrot, Fringed, Double and more. Style: modern minimalist, high style, classic traditionalist. Use them en masse or in a mixed bouquet for a classic, traditional feel; displays that emphasise their linear form and silhouette yield a chic, modern look.


Colours: Peonies range from pure white to pale pink to rich vibrant magenta. Their style is sweet romance, modern minimalist. They have an amazing fragrance, and they deliver two very different looks from their two stages. In bud, when they are tight little balls, they’re perfect for a cleaner look; when they open up to be huge and frilly, they lend a romantic and princess-like feel.


Colours are white, pink, red, orange, yellow, with a back to nature style. The full, multi-petal ranunculus offers layer upon layer of texture when open, but when mixed in with the buds, it has a whole new look.


Colours are white, pink, blue, purple, with a sweet romance style. Hyacinths have a lovely scent with dainty little blooms that are very feminine. They look great in silver pots with moss at their base, or in mixed arrangements.


Lilacs are pale to deep purple-blue and demonstrate a sweet romantic and classic traditionalist style. If you have a penchant for all things old-world, Lilac’s are a fantastic base flower in combination with other flowers to create lush centrepieces, or let them stand on their own as a true show flower.

Flowering Branches
Blossom Lights

Try quince, cherry, dogwood, pear, apple to lend a woodsy, natural feel to any arrangement. They can also be used in glamorous designs that play up their artful shapes, or showcased in an oversize glass vase or lacquered vessel for a modern, contemporary look.

Happy Celebrating!


July 21, 2007

Inspirations from a Famous LA Florist

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I was lucky enough to visit a famous LA floral design studio yesterday as part of a retail design tour I attended. FloralArtLA really does bring an inventive twist to floral design. It’s so easy for a florist to go overboard with their shopfit and displays, but FloralArt was able to combine colour, shape, texture and signature containers to create a truly modern and focused environment.

FloralArt says their studio’s work is based on a philosophy that emphasises the relationship between floral arrangements and the space for which they are designed. While keeping this philosophy in mind, the studio works carefully to accomplish each client’s desired vision, whether it’s traditional, modern, or eclectic.

FloralArt’s signature look is vintage inspired with a modern twist and is showcased within an artfully designed, light-filled studio and retail space that reflects this aesthetic.

Here are some inspiring images from their website.


Please do visit the site (in person if you can, but their website is equally as glamourous). It is well worth the exploration.

Happy Celebrating!


July 15, 2007

True Texan Style

Oh my goodness, they certainly do things with big, bold style in Texas! I knew immediately that I was in the South as soon as I arrived at the Bridal Extravaganza Show in Houston today. The front of the exhibition hall was littered with gorgeous linens, enormous tall floral towers and rhinestones, rhinestones and more rhinestones. It glittered, glimmered and completely blew me away!

The most exciting exhibit was from a designer called Darryl Murchison Design. Darryl and his team put together some stunning examples of the upcoming styles of the season here in Texas which are:

Peacock and Chocolate
CandlesTable Setting 1Table CentrepiecePlace Setting

White, Apple Green and Crystal
Table SettingsHanging CrystalFull TableFeather Centrepiece 1Feather CentrepieceChair Cover

Lavender, Gold and Pink

Table CentrepieceMirrored TableFloral ArrangementCrystalChair and Table Edge Gold

Mint Green, Amber and Fuscia
Place SettingFloral Centrepiece 2Floral CentrepieceAmber Lights

Red, Black and Gold
High Table CentrepieceTable Centrepiece 1Table and ChairFull TableFlowers Close

I am completely in love with these styles. I’ll load up more images soon for your inspiration!

Happy Celebrating!


June 8, 2007

Winter Blooms

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I am always asked what flowers will be in season for my client’s upcoming events. With Winter now here, I thought it would be a good time to remind us all what flowers will be readily available this season.

Daffodil Bouquet

The following flowers can be readily found at the markets and from your local florist. As always other varieties are available, however if they are not in their natural flowering season they are likely to be more expensive and of poorer quality.

# Alstromeria

# Anthuriums

# Aster Daisies

# Anemones (late)

# Banksias

# Boronia (late)

# Carnations

# Chrysanthemums

# Crab Claw Heliconias (late)

# Daisies

# Hypericum

# Freesias

# Gerberas

# Daffodils

# Delphiniums – late

# Hyacinths

# Iris

# Jonquils

# Orchids – cymbidium & dendrobium

# Lavender

# Leucadendron

# Miniature Rose

# Poppies late

# Protea ‘Pink Ice early

# Snowdrops

# Statice

# Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise)

# Sweet Pea – late

# Tulips

# Wallflower

Happy Celebrating!


May 2, 2007

Table Centrepieces

Your table centrepiece really is the most important stylistic decoration item you need to contemplate when organising an event. Whether your event is a full-scale formal wedding, a children’s party or a small dinner party, the centrepiece will add drama, personality and scale to your event.

Table centrepieces can be as expensive as you dare, with fresh flowers and great height and drama; but, there are alternatives to the dramatic and extravagant! Take inspiration from some of the newest ideas in table centrepieces.

Table 5Table 4Table 3Table 2Fruit DisplayTable 8Table 7Table 6

Eclectic Tables
Create a one of a kind feel for your event, by dressing each table differently. Use different flowers, different candles, different elements from the one theme to create a real sense of personality. For example, this design works wonderfully with the Vintage theme, where you can find mismatched crockery, different jugs and candles and plenty of vintage-styled blossoms to fill tables. Visit an antiques fair or your local market and pick up plenty of vases and trinkets to add personality to your tables.

Monochromatic Look
The classic, crisp design of the monochromatic look is still the most modern tablepiece theme you can choose. Right now, the mod look is in, so maybe add some red or yellow in stark contrast to your black/ white theme. Think about height, drama, the whitest of white blooms (if you must) and plenty of black crockery on crisp white linen. Elegant and never out of style.

From Your Own Backyard
One of the strongest themes we are seeing in events now is the idea of dressing your event from your own backyard. Go outside and look at your backyard from a fresh perspective. Do you have twigs, greens, flowers and bark that could be used in a creative centrepiece? Take come gorgeous gumnuts and wattle and lay them on the tables in a very natural display with a few ivory and chocolate candles.

Casting a Glow
Candles have always been responsible for adding romance to the table and the room. Floral experts are taking the concept a step further this season by incorporating candles within the centrepieces themselves. This works on tall, full arrangements such as cherry blossom branches, where votives can be hung on ribbon or wire-like hangers. Alternatively, tall cylinders can be filled with colored water to match the wedding palette, and small floating candles can be placed in each.

Happy Celebrating!


March 19, 2007

When are my favourite flowers available?

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Roses SmallGarden Flower

I’m often asked by hosts and brides what flowers are available in each month. Of course you can always order flowers out of season, but they will most likely be less than the best quality and will most definitely be expensive. My advice is always use in-season blooms. The varieties available are superb and even if your favourite isn’t available at the time of year you want it in, do try something different. I guarantee you will find something equally as beautiful that is currently in season.

Australia’s leading wedding florist, Susan Avery, has a very handy list of available flowers by season in Australia. Here are some of the leading flowers available by month:

Flower Availability (Australia only)
While most of the popular wedding flowers are generally available all year round, field (or garden) flowers still have their seasons.

Agapanthus, Belladonna Lily, Buddleia, Calla Lily, Christmas Bells, Dahlia, Delphinium, Frangipani, Freesia, Garden Roses, Gardenia, Ginger, Grevillea, Hydrangea, Jasmine, Larkspur, Lavender, Lisianthus, Pansy, Peony, Pineapple Lilies, Privet Berries, Queen Anne’s Lace, Stephanotis, Sweet Pea, Tuberose, Water Lilies.

Azalea, Brunii, Delphinium, Garden Roses, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Jonquil, Lavender, Lisianthus, Poppies, Peniculata, Privet Berries, Stephanotis, Stock, Sweet Pea, Tuberose, Water Lilies.

Anemone, Bixia, Camellia, Daffodil, Daphne, Earlicheer, Hyacinth, Jonquil, Kale, Poppy, Ranunculus, Rhododendron, Rosehip, Stock, Sweet Pea, Tulip, Violet, Wattle.

Andromata, Arum Lily, Azalea, Blossom, Camellia, Daffodil, Delphinium, Erica, Gardenia, Garden Roses, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Muscari, Peony, Poppy, Rhododendron, Stephanotis, Stock, Sweet Pea, Tulip, Viburnum.

All Year Round
Alstroemeria, Anthurium, Asiatic Lilies, Daisy, Freesia, Gardenia, Gerbera, Gladioli, Glasshouse Roses, Iris, Lilium, Longiflorum Lilies, Oriental lilies, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Protea, Singapore Orchid, Snapdragon, Tulip.

Happy Celebrating!


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