January 13, 2011

Frangipani Wedding Decorations

Frangipani bouquet

Apart from the hibiscus, there’s perhaps no other flower that says beach wedding than gorgeous fragrant frangipanis.  Frangipanis or plumeria as they are also known are blooming everywhere along our beaches at the moment.  One of our iconic beach flowers, they make the perfect beach wedding decoration or flower motif for Australian weddings. 


Image credits: Frangipani wedding cake, photo by Nicole Pearce.  Frangipani bouquet and aisle decoration images from Lindsay Van Roy Photography for Brett and Erin’s wedding.  Frangipani beach aisle by Aloha Island Weddings at Simply Chic Wedding Ideas.  Frangipani link ring by Stasita New Zealand.  All stationery by Alannah Rose at Pink Frosting’s beach wedding shop.  All beach collection wedding accessories and decorations at Pink Frosting’s beach online wedding shop.

Here are our top tips for using frangipanis to theme your Australian beach wedding:

  • Bunch them closely.  Frangipanis in tight formation are simply chic.  Look at our gorgeous frangipani bouquet above – chic and gorgeous!
  • If you choose yellow frangipanis, your best colour choices for ribbons, accents, glassware, napery and decor is buttercup yellow, ivory, crisp white, black or sand.
  • Frangipanis work beautifully with massive blossoms such as fully blown roses, hibiscus or lillies.  We’re not fans of frangipanis and other waxy flowers such as orchids, but they can look lovely together if you use a master florist.
  • Generally, frangipanis don’t need foliage to complement them.  Think of the flower in its natural state – the flowers are clustered and the branches are fairly sparse.  Take your cue from the flower in its natural environment and don’t use leaves as part of your table decorations, aisle decorations or bouquets.
  • Frangipani leis are so easy to create.  It’s a fun way to spend your night before the wedding with your best girls – simply use fishing line and a large needle to thread frangipani blooms.  A beautiful favour for your guests.
  • Incorporate frangipanis into your wedding ceremony with large garlands of frangipani flowers laced together like a long leis.  Such a versatile idea – you can then loosely hang them between your chairs down your aisle or decorate a garden trelise with them behind the bride and groom.  Also, give your flowergirl frangipani flowers to toss when she walks down the aisle.
  • Create a heart using frangipani flowers for the bride and groom to stand in when they marry.  This simple but beautiful idea works a treat on the beach or on grass in a garden wedding.
  • For table decorations, choose faux frangipani flowers and either scatter your frangipanis loosely around the table, lay one on each table setting for a contemporary chic look, or use miniature beach buckets filled with starfish, sand and frangipanis (see the beautiful beach buckets by Pink Frosting above – we also used Swarovski crystal encrusted starfish to complement the yellow frangipanis).
  • You can incorporate frangipanis in your wedding theme in many ways.  Here are some other ideas:
    • Your wedding invitations – frangipanis on the beach or in a heart make a glamorous stationery idea.  Some gorgeous styles from Dream Day Wedding Invitations and Alannah Rose make a real statement;
    • Your wedding accessories – use frangipani flowers in your bridesmaid’s hair and in your groomsmen’s buttonholes;
    • Your parasols – choose a plain wedding parasol and glue on frangipanis around the centre and border to create a unique wedding day accessory for photographs
    • Your  wedding bombonieres and favours – choose a favour with a frangipani motif such as personalised candy jars (yummy filled with yellow jelly beans), flip flop candles with a frangipani toe; or a photo frame with a frangipani flower attached to the swing tag – gorgeous!

Here are some beautiful ways to use frangipanis on your wedding day:

Frangipani Aloha Island Weddings 1

Image: Aloha Weddings


Frangipani Cupcakes by Consumed Cakes

Frangipani Cupcakes by Consumed Cakes


Frangipanis and Lillies Wedding Ceremony Site by Aloha Island Weddings

Frangipanis and Lillies Wedding Ceremony Site by Aloha Island Weddings

Frangipani Themed Wedding Tables by Disney Resort

Frangipani Themed Wedding Tables by Disney Resort

Beach Bucket with Starfish and Frangipanis by Pink Frosting's Wedding Shop

Beach Bucket with Starfish and Frangipanis by Pink Frosting's Wedding Shop

There are so many ways to use these gorgeous flowers in your beach wedding.  I’d love to see your photos if you have some to share!

Happy Celebrating!


January 9, 2011

Summer Bridal Showers

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In the heat of the Aussie Summer, hosting a fun bridal shower gets even more fun!  You can choose to host an outdoor celebration and take in the Australian love of the beach, or incorporate a sport into your bridal shower day.  Alternatively, a garden bridal shower offers a relaxed alternative for the stressed bride and her friends and family.  Here are some ideas for creating a beautiful summer bridal shower.

Choosing a Theme

There are many themes to choose from when hosting a bridal shower, and it’s always a good idea to ask the bride what she prefers.  If she’s a mad keen golfer, a golf themed bridal shower might be a fun idea for anyone who loves to chase a hole in one!  If she’s a sit and relax kind of bride, then a high tea in the garden might be her preference.  Does she love to cook?  Then a gourmet afternoon soiree might be in order.  For Summer, we love an outdoor theme – so sport such as taking golf lessons, learning to surf, or tennis might be a great way to have fun and also celebrate being together before the wedding. 

The fun part of organising a bridal shower is it is a relaxed celebration before the more formal nuptials, so you have the opportunity to make the day all about the bride and what she adores.


Games are so important for the bridal shower as they relax the guests and enable everyone to get to know one another better.  You can find our favourite bridal shower games at Pink Frosting’s wedding planning website.  Some of our faves include don’t say “bride” or “wedding” which is very hard at a bridal shower, old fashioned pass the parcel and even apple bobbing or cupcake eating for outdoor celebrations.


For Summer bridal showers, there is simply nothing better than freshly cut flowers as decorations.  You don’t need to go overboard with the budget – guests can be asked to provide freshly cut blossoms from their own gardens, and daisies and hydrangeas are in abundance in the Australian summer and make beautiful centrepieces.  It’s easy to personalise the bridal shower decorations - you might like to incorporate personalised water bottles for the guests in an ice bucket to cool the guests in the heat and also delight them with bottled water featuring the bridal shower theme and a special message!   Other lovely ideas include coloured paper lanterns which can be hung from trees to swing in the breeze, pretty place cards or place card holders in the theme of the day which might include beach or sport themes; and personalised bridal shower decorations such as golf themed flags!

Food & Drinks

You can find our best Summer party menu over at Pink Frosting’s party planning website which includes yummy Vietnamese rice paper rolls, zesty scallops and citrus salad, and a smoked salmon and mango stack.  Yummy!

For drinks, try a Mojito cocktail:

1.5 oz Bacardi rum
12 fresh mint leaves
1/2 lime
7 oz club soda
2 tablespoons sugar syrup

Gently crush mint leaves and lightly squeeze lime in a cool tall glass. Pour sweet syrup to cover and fill glass with ice. Add Bacardi, club soda and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and a few sprigs of mint.


Say thank you to guests for coming to the bridal shower with Summer themed bridal shower favours, such as paper hand fans which can also be used on the day to cool guests as they enjoy the Australian summer, personalised shot glasses make a great memento for the guests to keep at their homes after the event, and fun wedding themed frisbees make a great game for the day as well as take-home gift for guests to remember the party with!

Whatever you decide, a bridal shower or kitchen tea held in the heat of the Australian summer will make everyone feel breezy – relaxed, fun and happy!

Happy Celebrating!


December 27, 2010

Tips for a Successful Family Friendly New Years Eve Party

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Rainbow mirror ball

With Christmas now behind us, we turn to New Years Eve as our next big reason to celebrate.  Many of us will be ringing in 2011 with a New Year Party that includes little guests and given the late evening and the loud celebrations, this event isn’t often perfectly suited to children in our world.  Here are our best tips for creating a successful family friendly New Years Eve party for all your guests come 31st December.

1.  Make it a dress up party.  Kids love dressing up and it adds to the fun games that can be played during the evening – best dressed competitions and charades are our favourite standards.

2.  Let the kids decorate their own space – give them plenty of balloons, streamers, party hats, blow horns, craft supplies and confetti to use.  Turn up the music and give them an hour or two to get creative!

3.  Let the kids create their own 2011 New Year Party Hats, noise makers (drink bottles with dyed rice and confetti works really well and looks great) and t-shirts.  You’ll only need one adult to supervise, so the rest of the party can enjoy a few cocktails while the kids get crafting!

4.  Let the kids create a movie or wall mural with all of their memories of 2010.  The kids can act out the movie, narrate with pictures or download video from the internet.  Play the movie to the adults and give each guest a copy to take home on CD.  Easy to do and heaps of fun.

5. If older kids will be there, explain what New Year Resolutions are all about, and have them write their own resolutions that they can take home with them.

6.  Let the kids watch the New Years celebrations from around the world on the news channels with plenty of popcorn and fun drinks in plastic champagne glasses.  This will teach the kids about geography and time, as well as get them fired up with plenty of colourful fireworks to watch.

7.  If all else fails, set up a movie theatre in your home with plenty of comfy chairs and bean-bags, yummy treats like flavoured popcorn and 2011 frosted cupcakes and let the kids watch some fun movies. 

8.  Make sure you have beds made up for any kids that don’t make it through until midnight.  Let the kids sleep peacefully away from the noise in a warm space with clean sheets, so the rest of the party can continue without disturbing them.

Pink Frosting has some fantastic themed New Years Eve party ideas you might also enjoy when planning your 2011 celebrations. 

Happy Celebrating!


December 14, 2010

Save Up to 60% in Pink Frosting’s Pre-Christmas Sale!


Australia’s number one online wedding shop and party shop has just put over 160 items on sale at up to 60% off their original prices in their huge pre-Christmas sale.  You can save on wedding favours and bomboniere, wedding decorations, party supplies, Christmas decorations, bridal jewellery and so much more.

Be quick, the prices will only last while stock lasts!  Shop the Sale at Pink Frosting now.

Happy Celebrating!


November 20, 2010

Christmas Day Countdown!

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Purple Candles

Planning the perfect Christmas for this year starts now!  Avoiding headaches at the last minute is easy when you break down the Christmas planning process into a few simple steps.  Here is our simple Christmas Day Countdown.  I hope you find it a real help this year.

Without good planning, Christmas can be a time of confused last-minute activity.  Start your countdown to Christmas six weeks in advance so that everyone – including you – can enjoy the festive season.


  • Write down your Christmas ideas in a notebook, including your Christmas card list, gift list and guest list.
  • Make a food plan for the Christmas season.  What special meals will you be catering for?  Are you hosting a party, a candlelit Christmas dinner, or a barbecue on the beach?  Flick through your favourite recipes for ideas and write a shopping list of the items you’ll need.
  • Start making your own (non-perishable) presents and purchase your Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Five weeks to go

  • Avoid the crowds in the supermarket by purchasing non-perishables, such as ingredients for baking.  Don’t forget the cranberry sauce, mint sauce, fruit mince and almond paste – they will be harder to find as Christmas nears.
  • Buy your Christmas cards and stamps, or (if you are really crafty) start making your own.
  • Start looking for the perfect Christmas gifts now to avoid the Christmas Eve madness.
  • Send out invitations to any Christmas parties or gatherings.  December is a popular time for parties, so get in early.
  • Assess your Christmas party supplies.  Do you have enough glasses, cutlery, crockery and chairs?  Investigate hiring additional equipment if needed.
  • Put your creative mind to work – think about your table setting.  Will you need to make anything specially?  Now is the time to start.
  • Don’t forget to buy (or make) advent calendars for the kids so that they can start the countdown on 1 December.

Four weeks to go

  • Post parcels to friends and family overseas.
  • Purchase your gift wrapping supplies: paper, ribbon, tape and glue, as well as gift tags.
  • Make your Christmas cake or pudding.  Or, for a clever cheat, buy them and drizzle with rum and brandy for extra richness.
  • If you have an artificial tree, now is the time to dust off the Christmas decorations and test the Christmas lights.  Repair the decorations that need some tender care, and splash out on some gorgeous new baubles to brighten your tree.  You should traditionally put your tree up 12 days before Christmas, and take it down 12 days after – but most people put up their tree when the mood takes them.

Three weeks to go

  • Order your Christmas turkey, fish, seafood and ham.
  • Set aside a day (or two) to make handmade presents – Christmas cookies and mini plum puddings, gingerbread men and shortbreads, brandied fruits and decanted oils and vinegars are old favourites.

Two weeks to go

  • Check out your drinks supply.  Make sure you have enough alcohol, as well as mixers and fruit juices.  Consider making your own special cocktail to wow your guests.
  • Purchase emergency nibbles for unexpected visitors.  Nuts, biscuits and chocolates work a treat.
  • Start to make any freezable dishes for parties or Christmas Day.
  • Check your linen and wash anything that needs freshening up.
  • Marshall the troops for a cleaning blitz so that the house is sparkling clean for when guests arrive.
  • Help the kids to make their own Christmas craft such as wreaths, bonbons, cards and tree decorations.  Purchase your Christmas crackers and other table decorations.

One week to go

  • If you are buying a real Christmas tree, now is the time to purchase and decorate it.
  • Decorate the house with festive cheer.
  • Finish your Christmas shopping – both for gifts and food.
  • Pick up the turkey and ham – don’t forget frozen turkey can take two to three days to thaw in a fridge.
  • Fill lots of trays with ice cubes so you can keep the Christmas cocktails coming!

Christmas Eve

  • Rush out to the shops (just like everyone else) to get those last minute purchases. 
  • Pick up your pre-ordered seafood.
  • Stuff your turkey and finish any other Christmas food preparations.
  • Put any remaining gifts under the tree.
  • Put out Santa’s favourite beverage with a piece of cake.  Don’t forget water and carrots for the reindeer.  Make sure they disappear before the kids wake up on Christmas morning.
  • Have fun playing Santa, and then relax with an eggnog in front of the Christmas carols, confident that everything will go smoothly tomorrow!

Happy Celebrating!


November 10, 2010

Christmas Decorating Trends 2010

Red Christmas Baubles

I’m predicting that Australian families will be celebrating their Christmas in 2010 with a return to the sparkling rhapsody of Christmastimes past – a nod to traditional colours of red, green and gold or sparkling Aussie beach and country colours of sand, icy blues, and shimmering eucalypt greens.  With Christmas just 50 days away, many families are already planning their Christmas table centrepieces, will begin trimming their trees in the next few weeks and have their Christmas cocktail soirees on the calendar. 

So, what are the Christmas decorating trends for 2010?  Our Christmas homes are two very different styles, but both reflective of the mood of the Australian public right now.

Firstly, there is the return to the real glamour of a 1950s style Christmas with heavy golds, velvety reds and fir greens. This decadent style is inspired by the popular television phenomenon Mad Men, and the popularity of the domestic goddess over the past several years making her home a haven for her family and friends.

The most popular Christmas decorations for this trend at Pink Frosting’s Christmas boutique include Gingerbread Men String Lights for Christmas trees and mantle pieces, burgundy acrylic diamond-cut scatters for table centrepieces and cocktail party decorations, imperial tealight candle holders in dark red with an ornate gold embellishment, and the luxury range of Australian designed Christmas crackers in traditional colours of red and gold including high-quality gifts for guests such as bottle stoppers.

European style Christmas fare is on the menu this year for those following the traditional trend, even in the heat of the Australian Summer.  The www.PinkFrosting.com.au team predicts berry infused cocktails will become the holiday drink of choice, with cranberry cosmopolitans and raspberry virgin cocktails served to guests pre-dinner, and mulled wine and port to finish off the night warmly.

Blue and Silver Christmas Table

Conversely, there is a real lightness and celebration of the Australian bush and seaside with the other trend for decorating Christmas in 2010 – evoking the natural landscape and sparkling sand of home, accented with pretty eucalypt greens, ecrus, shimmering ocean-blues and seashells. Many Australians love to celebrate the Aussieness of a Summer Christmas with fresh seafood, a dip at the beach and chilled blonde beers, and this is reflected in the return to natural bush and sea colours with a little sparkle for Christmas 2010.

The secret to this relaxed look for Christmas is to use simple decorations, natural items and to not overcrowd the table.   The most popular Christmas decorations for this trend at Australia’s number one online party shop include antique white shaved timber wreaths which are used either as a table centrepiece or hanging decoration, gold rattan star lights which reflect the natural sparkle of the Aussie bush, eco-friendly Christmas crackers covered in environmentally friendly brown craft paper without losing their decorative edge for the Christmas table, and natural finger starfish in many shapes and sizes to scatter on tables and hang from trees.

Pink Ribbon Christmas Tree

On top of these two major trends, decorating for a cause is also popular this season.  If you have a particular charity you support (such as our Pink Ribbon tree above), many offices are using their Christmas tree to send the message of support this Christmas.  Staff can provide donations or presents which are then passed on to the charity – we love this trend for 2010.

As Australia’s number one online party shop and wedding store, www.PinkFrosting.com.au will be providing Christmas decorations and party supplies to thousands of Aussies this year.  We look forward to hearing how you plan to decorate your Christmas table, office and homes this year!

Happy Celebrating!


October 28, 2010

Going Crackers for Divine Christmas Crackers!

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Christmas party decorations never looked so good!  The divine range of luxury Christmas Crackers at Pink Frosting’s Christmas Shop make those little fizzly crackers we used to have at our tables at Christmastime a thing of the past.  In styles to suit most Christmas themes, such as neutral eco-friendly crackers, traditional golds and red and more contemporary silver, these crackers include first class gifts inside including travel corkscrews, colouring pencils, stainless steel cookie cutters and so much more. 

Pink Frosting’s crackers are works of art – handcrafted in Australia for the most discerning entertainer, these crackers will wow your guests with their beautiful presentation and first class gifts inside. Don’t be put off by the price. The crackers are huge, will be almost all you need to decorate your tables and will wow your guests with the upmarket gifts inside. For a tray of 12 crackers the price is $42.

I can’t think of a lovelier way to decorate your Christmas table this year.  Decide on a gorgeous table centrepiece and place one of these luxury crackers on each place setting for a truly “done” Christmas table.

Happy Celebrating!


Our Favourite Halloween Cupcakes

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Halloween gives us really fun theme for decorating cupcakes and making little scary treats for our guests.  We are sent so many glamorous cupcakes to look at for Australia Entertains and the Pink Frosting inspiration galleries, and I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Halloween themed cupcakes to inspire your cupcake decorating for this weekend.

Halloween Animals cupcakes by Cupcakes and Corsets:

Halloween animal cupcakes


Brains cupcakes (not for the faint hearted, or the vegetarians in the audience!).  Loving the clever use of whipped cream by Cake Eater Bakery:

Halloween cupcakes 2


Loving the colour and simplicity of these fun Halloween sugar decorations on coloured frosting by Cake by Sugar in London, UK:


These monster cupcakes by Bakingdom are really easy to make at home and are perfect for a spooky party for young kids as well as Halloween:

Monster Cupcakes

And these sweet pumpkin themed cupcakes by Bella Bella Cupcakes are a gorgeous Autumn cupcake as well as a Halloween cupcake for those who prefer to not be spooky:

Halloween cupcakes 5

And finally, my you can always find excellent inspiration for your Halloween cupcakes at Wilton’s brilliant website, filled with great ideas and also how-tos for the home cupcake (cake and cookie) baker and decorator.  Here are three of my favourites from this year’s range:

halloween cupcakes 6


Halloween wilton 1

halloween cupcakes 7

I hope these gorgeous cupcakes provide some great inspiration for your Halloween celebrations this weekend!

Happy Celebrating!


October 16, 2010

Wedding Favours as Table Decorations

Just about every bride we know wants their wedding favours to multi-task as a table decoration for their receptions – not only do your guests appreciate the sentiment, your favour is complementary to your wedding decorations and table settings, meaning you save $s!  Judy McManus of PWG Portland and Mosca Photo’s provides the perfect example of how nicely a Kate Aspen favour (for Aussie brides, Pink Frosting is Kate Aspen’s preferred retailer)  multi-task – as a memorable way to show your gratitude, and as table decor!

This fall wedding tablescape is so inviting, isn’t it?  Judy infuses the autumn colors throughout the table scheme by using the Kate Aspen Imperial Tea Light Holder .  Like to mix and match it up a bit?  Add the “Perfect Pair” soaps or the “Lucky Elephant” bookmark (with that awesomely clever tassel-tail!)  So many possibilities!

We like this take on “vintage,” too!  A little retro, a little frilly, and a little sassy (and you know we like sassy!)

If you look closely, you’ll see the “For the Love Birds” Elegant Icon Favour Boxes“Sweetwater Park” Birdbath Place Card Holders would fit right in here, don’t you think? Or – look closely now …

Why there’s the best-selling “White Baroque” Place Card Holder and Frame with a picture of the happy couple!

Happy Celebrating!


October 15, 2010

Vampire Themed Dinner Party

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Just about everyone has Vampire fever!  And we’re never more motivated by gore than at Halloween.  I found this amazing dinner party idea by Courtney from Pizzazzerie via Hostess Blog.  This is a brilliant adult Halloween weekend dinner party theme for us Aussies who don’t get so into pumpkin carving.  Love it!

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween

Read on for more hauntingly beautiful images and all the creative details, as explained by Courtney

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween


“When the publisher of Nashville Lifestyles magazine showed me “Love at First Bite: The Complete Vampire Lover’s Cookbook“ in her office one day, we both knew it would make a fabulous feature for their October issue.

I got started right away pulling together all things black, red, and antique silver. We wanted to avoid anything too “Halloweeny” and tried to focus on chic and dark. The house we shot in had black ceilings, which really added to the dark and spooky atmosphere.

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween

I used black velvet fabric as the table cover, topped with antique candelabras and tall red candle sticks. Candles were a main element of the table to add a spooky glow. To make the red dripped candles, I dripped a red candle on top of a white candle – and done! Placing mirrors down the center of the table created a ghastly reflection and a steady base for our candle sticks.

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween

Using the Vampire Lovers’ Cookbook as my inspiration, I designed menus for each table setting including “Steak Through the Heart” and “Devil Hair Pasta“.

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween

Our local Whole Foods has an amazing pastry chef who created some simple chocolate ganache mini cupcakes topped with red “blood drops“.

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween

Then I used Martha Stewart’s Vampire Wine Labels to adorn bottles of red wine.

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween

I’m totally inspired!

Happy Celebrating!


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