January 13, 2011

Frangipani Wedding Decorations

Frangipani bouquet

Apart from the hibiscus, there’s perhaps no other flower that says beach wedding than gorgeous fragrant frangipanis.  Frangipanis or plumeria as they are also known are blooming everywhere along our beaches at the moment.  One of our iconic beach flowers, they make the perfect beach wedding decoration or flower motif for Australian weddings. 


Image credits: Frangipani wedding cake, photo by Nicole Pearce.  Frangipani bouquet and aisle decoration images from Lindsay Van Roy Photography for Brett and Erin’s wedding.  Frangipani beach aisle by Aloha Island Weddings at Simply Chic Wedding Ideas.  Frangipani link ring by Stasita New Zealand.  All stationery by Alannah Rose at Pink Frosting’s beach wedding shop.  All beach collection wedding accessories and decorations at Pink Frosting’s beach online wedding shop.

Here are our top tips for using frangipanis to theme your Australian beach wedding:

  • Bunch them closely.  Frangipanis in tight formation are simply chic.  Look at our gorgeous frangipani bouquet above – chic and gorgeous!
  • If you choose yellow frangipanis, your best colour choices for ribbons, accents, glassware, napery and decor is buttercup yellow, ivory, crisp white, black or sand.
  • Frangipanis work beautifully with massive blossoms such as fully blown roses, hibiscus or lillies.  We’re not fans of frangipanis and other waxy flowers such as orchids, but they can look lovely together if you use a master florist.
  • Generally, frangipanis don’t need foliage to complement them.  Think of the flower in its natural state – the flowers are clustered and the branches are fairly sparse.  Take your cue from the flower in its natural environment and don’t use leaves as part of your table decorations, aisle decorations or bouquets.
  • Frangipani leis are so easy to create.  It’s a fun way to spend your night before the wedding with your best girls – simply use fishing line and a large needle to thread frangipani blooms.  A beautiful favour for your guests.
  • Incorporate frangipanis into your wedding ceremony with large garlands of frangipani flowers laced together like a long leis.  Such a versatile idea – you can then loosely hang them between your chairs down your aisle or decorate a garden trelise with them behind the bride and groom.  Also, give your flowergirl frangipani flowers to toss when she walks down the aisle.
  • Create a heart using frangipani flowers for the bride and groom to stand in when they marry.  This simple but beautiful idea works a treat on the beach or on grass in a garden wedding.
  • For table decorations, choose faux frangipani flowers and either scatter your frangipanis loosely around the table, lay one on each table setting for a contemporary chic look, or use miniature beach buckets filled with starfish, sand and frangipanis (see the beautiful beach buckets by Pink Frosting above – we also used Swarovski crystal encrusted starfish to complement the yellow frangipanis).
  • You can incorporate frangipanis in your wedding theme in many ways.  Here are some other ideas:
    • Your wedding invitations – frangipanis on the beach or in a heart make a glamorous stationery idea.  Some gorgeous styles from Dream Day Wedding Invitations and Alannah Rose make a real statement;
    • Your wedding accessories – use frangipani flowers in your bridesmaid’s hair and in your groomsmen’s buttonholes;
    • Your parasols – choose a plain wedding parasol and glue on frangipanis around the centre and border to create a unique wedding day accessory for photographs
    • Your  wedding bombonieres and favours – choose a favour with a frangipani motif such as personalised candy jars (yummy filled with yellow jelly beans), flip flop candles with a frangipani toe; or a photo frame with a frangipani flower attached to the swing tag – gorgeous!

Here are some beautiful ways to use frangipanis on your wedding day:

Frangipani Aloha Island Weddings 1

Image: Aloha Weddings


Frangipani Cupcakes by Consumed Cakes

Frangipani Cupcakes by Consumed Cakes


Frangipanis and Lillies Wedding Ceremony Site by Aloha Island Weddings

Frangipanis and Lillies Wedding Ceremony Site by Aloha Island Weddings

Frangipani Themed Wedding Tables by Disney Resort

Frangipani Themed Wedding Tables by Disney Resort

Beach Bucket with Starfish and Frangipanis by Pink Frosting's Wedding Shop

Beach Bucket with Starfish and Frangipanis by Pink Frosting's Wedding Shop

There are so many ways to use these gorgeous flowers in your beach wedding.  I’d love to see your photos if you have some to share!

Happy Celebrating!


January 9, 2011

Grey and Navy are the New Black in Weddings for 2011


Grey will be the neutral IT color for 2011 weddings. With not a rainy cloud in sight, shades of charcoal, dove, stone, oyster and shell will be incorporated into wedding colour palettes for 2011 and we just love how grey pairs beautifully with vibrant hues such as fuchsia pink, coral and teal.  

The other colour of choice for 2011 will be navy and other deep blues thanks to Prince William and Kate’s royal wedding.  Navy and all dark blue palettes complement the moody greys and also work harmoniously with white, ivory, champagne and little pops of colour.

Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate these colour palettes into your wedding day in 2011 and beyond:

  • Navy and grey are generally darker accent colours, so choose a base colour for your wedding stationery, decorations and accessories such as ivory, white or champagne.  For example, with your wedding invitations, you might choose a white base and use a silvery grey printed text and a navy personalised ribbon as your accent colours;
  • As with your wedding stationery and accessories, for the bride and bridesmaid dresses, choose a white, ivory or champagne base and accessorise with a navy or grey accent.  The bride might use a navy blue sash with her dress, a bold shoe, or even a sapphire wedding ring inspired by Wills and Kate.  Bridesmaids dresses in navy and greys are a stunning complement to this look and for the men, incorporate the colour palette through their ties, cumberbunds and handkerchiefs;
  • Navy and grey won’t necessarily be the best main colour for your wedding cake!  Again, they make a beautiful accent with printed motifs and designs in navy or grey against the main neutral colour of ivory, white or champagne.  Two easy ways to bring colour to a neutral or simple wedding cake is with a coloured ribbon, which can be personalised for extra oomph or through a beautiful wedding cake topper.  Australia’s number one wedding shop, Pink Frosting offers both personalised ribbons and wedding cake toppers in many colours, themes and designs;
  • Greys and blues can be hard to find in flowers, although hydrangeas strike a beautiful blue and grey hue.  You might choose white lilies or ivory roses as a base, and have your navy and grey colour scheme pop through the ribbons tying the bouquets together.  Big bows in satin make a stunning statement in your chosen colour and look lovely when draped down over a simple gown.
  • For your table decorations, again use ivory, white or champagne as your base for chair covers, table cloths, and draping and accent in your colours of choice.  Navy and silver look beautiful as satin sashes against white on your reception chairs, you can incorporate a slash of colour through your table runners in navy or silvery grey and you might like to tie a big bow in satin ribbon in navy blue and silver grey around your table centrepieces and vases to tie in your colours.  Australia’s number one wedding decoration supplier, Pink Frosting, offers some beautiful wedding decorations in these colours.
  • Silver or chrome bomboniere can be found in abundance and makes a statement about your sophistication as a bride and groom.  Many of the options for silver favours can include a navy accent such as silver miniature photo frames with an attached personalised navy tag or silver bomboniere almonds encased in a navy organza bag.
Happy Celebrating!


August 31, 2010

Decorating Your Wedding with Rose Pomanders

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Rose balls, kissing balls or pomanders are one of my favourite wedding decorations.  They’re superbly romantic and pretty – little tea roses studded side by side around a ball to create a mass of beauty.  I love them hanging from shepherds crooks down the wedding aisle, as a table decoration for your wedding reception, or hanging staggered from the ceiling, marquee or trees to create a romantic ambience for your wedding venue.


Australia’s number one online wedding shop now sells silk tea rose pomanders in cream or blush in two sizes.  I am so excited to now have these available to decorate Australian weddings.  I especially love them with our hanging glass candle globes – another versatile and beautiful wedding decoration.

Here are some beautiful inspirational images of how other couples have used rose balls to decorate their wedding day:

 Pomander Mosaic

Ava Living uses colourful pomanders to decorate table settings;  Set Your Scene used kissing balls hung from shepherds hooks to make a pathway down the aisle;  I Do Wedding Services use pomanders hanging from an arch to create a spectacular outdoor focal point; Bliss Events Ohio use kissing balls to create a beautiful outdoor decoration at the edge of a verandah. 

Happy Celebrating!


June 10, 2010

Feather Wedding Decorations for Table Centrepieces

Caterina Canberra Mosaic 6

Ostrich feathers are one of my favourite wedding decorations.  They look so glamorous and they work beautifully in wedding aisles, table centrepieces, in bridal bouquets and so much more.  They scream glamour and style and they really are very easy to work with.

If you’re wanting to create a glamorous table centrepiece using ostrich feather drabs, it is usually recommend that you use a florists ball floating at the top of the vase which you carefully sit the end of the feather into for support.  In honesty, I usually don’t use these green florists balls because they are difficult to cover up at the top of the vase.  The best way I have found is to fill the vase with a support filler that looks good, such as plain old cellophane scrunched up and then filled with water (this creates an amazing ice-like effect) or with water pearls and secure the feathers as low down as possible in the vase.  If you’re also using flowers, this makes securing the feathers much easier as well as they have something else to rest against.

I’ve tried wiring the feathers for some extra length, but again, I don’t think it’s necessary if you’re filling the vase with cellophane, crystals, sand or another great filler.

Usually, I recommend you use between 3 and 7 ostrich feathers per centrepiece, but it depends on your budget!  If you use too many, your centrepieces can end up looking like palm trees!

I also love ostrich feathers on the back of chairs at outdoor weddings, as pew decorations at a Church ceremony, as an addition to or in place of flowers in a bridal bouquet (as shown below by Karen Tran) or simply laid flat as centrepiece decorations for wedding reception tables.  They are a versatile wedding decoration, that’s for certain, and your guests will love to take one home at the end of the night!

Karen Tran

And, as shown on the amazing Hostess Blog, they don’t just work for weddings!  These coloured feathers make a stunning baby shower decoration centrepiece too!


Sign, I love ostrich feathers…. Now available to purchase online at Pink Frosting.

Happy Celebrating!


February 9, 2010

How to Use Your Glass Hanging Votive Holders

Hanging Candle Holder Mosaic

One of the most versatile and stunning wedding and special occasion decorations available now is the glass hanging votive candle holder.  They make a stylish wedding and event decoration for both inside and outdoors.  Simply place a tea light candle into the holder and string from the ceiling, a marquee or a tree for a stunning effect.  Alternatively, you could fill the bottom of the vases with sand or coloured water and arrange miniature flowers inside for a stunning decoration.  Stringing them couldn’t be easier!  Simply loop fishing line or ribbon through the top of the holder and voila!  You’re ready to decorate.

I just adore the way the globe votive holders are used at this stylish wedding featured on Brides.com.  They work so well in this contemporary setting, but equally look beautiful used in an oriental or vintage style theme.

The clear glass hanging candle holders are in a globe shape and can be strung from just about anywhere.  Available in two sizes – 10cm and 8cm diameter, so you can mix and match and hang the spheres in clusters to draw your guest’s eyes to focal points around your wedding or event venue.

These glass vases and candle holders also make a beautiful bomboniere favour for your wedding guests.  Fill the vase with a bulb, a small flower, a scented candle or personalised candy for a unique and spectacular gift for guests.

Sold in sets of six.  Choose from two sizes:  10cm and 8cm diam.  Both sets are $35.00 each at Australia’s number one online wedding shop, Pink Frosting.

Happy Celebrating!


December 27, 2009

Indian Summer Wedding Theme Decorating & Ideas

 Indian Summer - An Indian Summer Blogspot

A wedding held in the heat of the Australian summer demands vibrant colours, wild decorations and marquees filled with breezy cloth, and the perfect wedding theme for the mid-Summer heat is An Indian Summer. 

Indian styled weddings use an exuberant display of colour, finery and kitsch – think rich fabrics, shamiana (tents) with wild colours, saris used as drapes and table coverings, cushions and bolsters on bright rugs as seating, hanging tea light candles and abundant marigolds which have a special significance in Indian weddings.   Colours are all bright and rich, including turquoise blue, orange, bright pink, plum, red, mustard and gold.  Table centrepieces could include wooden elephants, lanterns, wine goblets, bejewelled miniature jewellery boxes, and shimmering Indian bangles as your napkin rings.

Western traditions such as cakes and favours can be transformed with this theme:  henna patterns on your wedding cake and lucky elephants as your wedding favours.

Indian Summer Wedding Mosaic

We adore the bright colours in these Indian Summer inspired wedding invitations, swirling fuchsia paper parasols and paper daisies which add contrast to the marigold strings of flowers we love using with this theme.

Many of these gorgeous Indian Summer wedding theme decorations can be purchased online at Australia’s number one online wedding shop, Pink Frosting.  We adore the gorgeous images to inspire you from An Indian Summer blog

Happy Celebrating!


November 8, 2009

Sunflowers Make a Wedding Even Happier!

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If I had my time over, I would have sunflowers at my wedding.  Big, happy, jolly, bright and extroverted sunflowers.  Huge smiling faces, bright petals dancing as you walk and long stems to dramatically elongate me as I walk down the aisle.  Perfectly representing how happy I am with my amazing husband.  Making a happy celebration even jollier.

I think the sunshine is making me dream of long celebrations on the grass in the spring air.  I am always bouyed at this time of year and sunflowers represent my mood so perfectly.  Here is a gorgeous sunshiney, sunflower themed wedding I just adore.  Sigh…

Kristina & Josh's Happy Sunflower Wedding at Ruffled Blog

Kristina & Josh's Happy Sunflower Wedding at Ruffled Blog

Happy Celebrating!


August 5, 2009

My Best Friend’s Wedding

My best friend, Shannon and her gorgeous man Al married yesterday in beautiful but freezing Tasmania.  We have had the most wonderful time with their family and friends, decorating and celebrating their wedding.  Shan and Al shared their first kiss at Richmond Bridge, Tasmania five years ago exactly, which is why they chose the 4th of August to exchange vows.  Truly sentimental, the poignancy of the day was heightened at every step.  The bouquets, handcrafted by the bridesmaid (me) and the groom, included handmade sugar hearts that Shan and Al made together last week; Al composed the music that Shan walked down the aisle to; and Shan recited some of the “80 things she loves about Al” as part of her vows, a list she wrote when they first began dating.  This was a truly romantic celebration of love.

Here are some of my favourite happy snaps from the day.

David (my husband) and I took these cute happy snaps during the day, so I can’t wait to see what the professional comes up with!  This was a beautiful wedding – filled with tears and laughter and love.  Congratulations Shan and Al – may your lives together be as filled with love as the past few days.

Happy Celebrating!


July 21, 2009

Lavish Pink Wedding Reception Table Decoration

Glamorous wedding receptions don’t come more lavish than this.  Megan and Kyle’s wedding reception at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, California USA by photographer Victor Sizemore featured the most stunning outdoor aisle style which I posted about yesterday and the wedding reception didn’t fail to please either.  Here are some of my favourite shots:

Crystal and pink are such a stunning combination.  This beautiful wedding is a textbook example of lavishing over the top style on tables - the wedding decorator did not listen to Coco Chanel’s advice about minimalism and taking one final piece off – instead they went completely over the top with ravishing decorations, crystals, floral detailing and linen.  Simply stunning.

Happy Celebrating!


July 20, 2009

Grand Outdoor Aisle Wedding Decorating Inspiration

I think this might be the most beautifully decorated aisle I have ever seen – better than any celebrity wedding, more stunning than any wedding I have attended.  The chandeliers over the aisle are simply divine, the coastline in the background, the floristry and the flower studded chair covers all combine to make a truly breathtaking ceremony site.  I just had to share…

These stunning images from Megan and Kyle’s wedding at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, California USA by photographer Victor Sizemore are so beautiful, I’m hoping it inspires one of our gorgeous Aussie brides to create an equally magnificent aisle for their wedding day – at the Whitsundays perhaps? 

Happy Celebrating!


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