November 5, 2008

How to Make a Floral Buttonhole

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Notebook: magazine is an Australian favourite for anyone who loves entertaining and decorating.  It’s got a homey, happy feeling that speaks to most Australian women.  They have a great website which is full of resources on decorating, DIY projects and how-to’s.  This is one from the Notebook: Magazine site I really found useful for weddings.  How to make a floral buttonhole for a wedding, Christening, formal or other really special occasion for the special men in our lives.

What you will need

  • White roses;
  • Ice plant (Sedum);
  • Camellia foliage;
  • Parafilm (a green floral tape that adheres to itself when stretched);
  • Floral wire;
  • Green ribbon, white ribbon, pearl head pins (from floral supplies stores).

Want to know what you need to do in a lead up to a big day?

Photography: Scott Hawkins. Styling: Jada Bennett

How to…


Wire each piece of foliage separately. We used camellia leaves. Cover with parafilm.


Wire each rose and each piece of ice plane (Sedum). Cover with parafilm.


Add each leaf and flower to form a balanced arrangement, applying parafilm after each addition. Cover ends in ribbon. (main image)

Happy Celebrating!

September 11, 2008

True Australian Table Centrepiece with Wattle and Macadamias

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Our front garden is filled with little golden orbs of wattle right now. The perfume is divine and really announces that spring has arrived in Australia. Aside from the eucalyptus tree, wattle is probably the best recognised Australian native plant and we love using it to decorate casual gatherings such as barbeques, informal weddings and even aisles.

If you’re using it on a dinner or reception table, decorating with wattle is a little messy as the yellow pollen invariably ends up all over your table, crockery and glassware, so we recommend that wattle be kept in the centre of the table away from food and plates!

This simple wattle and macadamia nut table centrepiece was a breeze to put together and is the perfect casual spring centrepiece for an Australian barbecue. A long walnut coloured timber serving plate was used as the base, small clear votive candles are lined across the centre of the plate embedded in a mixture of polished natural river stones and macadamia nuts. Long strands of wattle in the brightest yellow and silvery green are laid down either side to create a long casual table decoration that perfumes without overpowering your meal.

You can also find enormous branches of blossoming wattle which can be used in tall vases in place of cherry blossoms, for an Australian twist on a dramatic table centrepiece. Our front yard must have armfuls of them today. I must get out there tomorrow and get decorating!

Happy Celebrating!


July 31, 2008

Honey Themed Event Inspiration

My grandfather has an old fashioned honey pot with a wooden dipper which reminds me of sweet weekends spent with my grandparents when I was a little tyke. I came across a beautiful wedding invitation inspired by honeycomb (see below) which reminded me of this pot and thought what a beautiful theme for a wedding or weekend soiree.

Honecomb invite sm.jpg
Image: Brooklyn Bride

These gorgeous little honey pots with wooden dippers are just like I remember my grandfather’s; but cuter and far more fun for a wedding or weekend soiree. I love the idea of using them as placecards (on plates with yellow checked napkins) as well as a guest gift to take home after the celebration has ended.


For table centrepieces and decorations, just about any sunny flower arrangement will do. However, I just adore sunflowers and think they always make a table more sunny and happy. Whatever you choose, make it natural, pretty and sweet scented. Perfect to attract honey bees.

Sunflower centrepiece.jpg
Image from Sunflower Celebrations.

Make your honey inspired menu an irresistible treat without being sickly sweet. I’ve selected these home-style honey-infused recipes from Martha Stewart.

Canapes/ Starter: Cheddar Sandwiches with Pickles and Honey Mustard

Honeycomb Sandwiches.jpg

Main: Honeyed Ham with Pears and Cranberries
Honeycomb Ham with Pears MS.jpg

Dessert: Peaches with Honey Syrup
Honeycomb Peaches.jpg

As for cocktails, there are so many sweet options! We love this happy concoction:

4 parts Brandy
2 parts Grapefruit Juice
1 part Runny Honey

Chill a cocktail glass with ice or in the freezer. Pour brandy, grapefruit juice and runny honey into a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake it until the shaker is very cold. Empty the cocktail glass from ice and water. Strain the drink into the cocktail glass.

Happy Celebrating!


July 14, 2008

Cherry Blossom Decorations and Favours

Cherry Blossom small.jpg

I love cherry blossoms and while I’ve never visited the home of the cherry blossom Japan (shame on me!), I think even the cherry blossoms lining the lake in Canberra provide beautiful inspiration for a wedding, shower, Christening or dinner party. A cherry blossom theme for a wedding, shower, Christening or other event such as a dinner party is a beautiful way to celebrate Spring, or even if it isn’t quite Spring, then bring warmth, light and sweetness to you party.

Stacie Tamaki’s The Flirty Guide has some wonderful origami ideas for event decorations, and I particularly love her cherry blossoms that bloom no matter the time of year! She has step-by-step instructions on how to make these delicate blooms from pink paper (try the Cristina Re Blush and Pearlescent Pink paper) and crepe paper. How enchanting for a table centrepiece!

Origami Cherry Blossoms.jpg

For the not so handy among us, there are plenty of beautiful cherry blossom themed favours and decorations ready for you to use to decorate your wedding or other special occasion. Here are a few of our favourites:

Cherry Blossom Mosaic sm.jpg

Top left image: Cherry Blossom Mint Tins with personalisation in some beautiful spring sorbet colours. Perfect as a little thank you for a bridal shower or kitchen tea.
Top right image: Cherry Blossom Glass Coasters in pretty pink and pearl, all wrapped and ready to give!
Bottom left image: Pink Brocade Blossom Boxes, allow you to be creative fashioning little placecard holders or favour boxes for guests.
Bottom right image: Cherry Blossom Hand Fans, the favour of the moment for weddings and other outdoor events. Practical and beautiful at the same time.

Happy Celebrating!


June 24, 2008

Stunning Crystal and Blood Red Wedding Theme

An elegant and contemporary wedding theme, blood red and crystal screams rich romance.

We had the pleasure of organising a wedding recently in this theme for one of Canberra’s loveliest couples, James Burston and Connie Demarco. Here are some photos from the day by Point and Shoot Photography.


My favourite ideas from this wedding are:

The tall crystal garland and rose centrepieces which lit up the enormous National Museum of Australia Grand Hall;
Bridesmaids wearing pretty jewelled ballet flats;
The wedding party’s impromptu ballroom dancing at Reconcilliation Place; and
The entertainment – the Three Waiters wowed the audience and still have half of Canberra talking!

Congratulations, James and Connie and thank you for letting the Pink Frosting team be part of your day.

Happy Celebrating!


September 20, 2007

Best Wedding Tips Number 4: Tall Tall Centrepieces

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Tall Centrepiece

To really make an impact without it costing the earth, we love tall floral branches in high vases as centrepieces. When you walk into a room filled with tall arrangements of cherry blossoms in particular, you feel as though no expense has been spared, although they aren’t expensive at all! For extra impact, we feed tiny fairy lights through the branches and dot the table down low with flickering candlelight.

Stay tuned for best wedding tip number 5 tomorrow.

Happy Celebrating!


September 7, 2007

Romantic Spring Flowers

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Spring flowers can reflect romance and tradition, or due to their often dramatic lines and shapes, they can be used in stunning modern displays. The important thing to keep in mind: many of these blooms have relatively short seasons of availability, so work with your florist to determine what will be available in your area on the date of your wedding before you lock in to one choice.


Varieties: Tulips come in almost every colour except blue; varieties include French, Parrot, Fringed, Double and more. Style: modern minimalist, high style, classic traditionalist. Use them en masse or in a mixed bouquet for a classic, traditional feel; displays that emphasise their linear form and silhouette yield a chic, modern look.


Colours: Peonies range from pure white to pale pink to rich vibrant magenta. Their style is sweet romance, modern minimalist. They have an amazing fragrance, and they deliver two very different looks from their two stages. In bud, when they are tight little balls, they’re perfect for a cleaner look; when they open up to be huge and frilly, they lend a romantic and princess-like feel.


Colours are white, pink, red, orange, yellow, with a back to nature style. The full, multi-petal ranunculus offers layer upon layer of texture when open, but when mixed in with the buds, it has a whole new look.


Colours are white, pink, blue, purple, with a sweet romance style. Hyacinths have a lovely scent with dainty little blooms that are very feminine. They look great in silver pots with moss at their base, or in mixed arrangements.


Lilacs are pale to deep purple-blue and demonstrate a sweet romantic and classic traditionalist style. If you have a penchant for all things old-world, Lilac’s are a fantastic base flower in combination with other flowers to create lush centrepieces, or let them stand on their own as a true show flower.

Flowering Branches
Blossom Lights

Try quince, cherry, dogwood, pear, apple to lend a woodsy, natural feel to any arrangement. They can also be used in glamorous designs that play up their artful shapes, or showcased in an oversize glass vase or lacquered vessel for a modern, contemporary look.

Happy Celebrating!


September 1, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

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Garden Wedding

Oh how wonderful that Spring is finally here! Being based in Canberra, we feel the cold of Winter more than most. Spring is also the beginning of wedding season for us at Pink Frosting with loads of gorgeous wedding ceremonies to deliver for our beautiful couples.

Some great Spring wedding ideas you might like to incorporate into your big day include:

Choose your favourite flower as your main wedding theme. Whether it be a peony or a daffodil, flowers can be some of the most beautiful inspirations for your big day. Replicate the flower’s colours, blooms and scent in your day from your invitations to your bridesmaid’s gowns to your reception table decor.

Allow your bridesmaids to choose their own gowns in sherberty-Spring colours such as mint, peony or yellow. Sherbert colours in all different designs can look incredibly modern and happy for your ceremony.

Take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and host your ceremony and reception outdoors in a beautiful, bloom-filled garden setting. Pick fresh flowers for table decorations, have your bridesmaids wear blossoms from the garden in their hair and tie bows with fresh flowers into each table napkin.

Give each of your guests a parasol to protect them from the Spring sunshine. The colours available are exhaustive, so you can create a rainbow effect or simply choose one design so you have a flood of consistent colour to match your wedding theme.

Happy Celebrating!


July 21, 2007

Inspirations from a Famous LA Florist

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I was lucky enough to visit a famous LA floral design studio yesterday as part of a retail design tour I attended. FloralArtLA really does bring an inventive twist to floral design. It’s so easy for a florist to go overboard with their shopfit and displays, but FloralArt was able to combine colour, shape, texture and signature containers to create a truly modern and focused environment.

FloralArt says their studio’s work is based on a philosophy that emphasises the relationship between floral arrangements and the space for which they are designed. While keeping this philosophy in mind, the studio works carefully to accomplish each client’s desired vision, whether it’s traditional, modern, or eclectic.

FloralArt’s signature look is vintage inspired with a modern twist and is showcased within an artfully designed, light-filled studio and retail space that reflects this aesthetic.

Here are some inspiring images from their website.


Please do visit the site (in person if you can, but their website is equally as glamourous). It is well worth the exploration.

Happy Celebrating!


July 15, 2007

True Texan Style

Oh my goodness, they certainly do things with big, bold style in Texas! I knew immediately that I was in the South as soon as I arrived at the Bridal Extravaganza Show in Houston today. The front of the exhibition hall was littered with gorgeous linens, enormous tall floral towers and rhinestones, rhinestones and more rhinestones. It glittered, glimmered and completely blew me away!

The most exciting exhibit was from a designer called Darryl Murchison Design. Darryl and his team put together some stunning examples of the upcoming styles of the season here in Texas which are:

Peacock and Chocolate
CandlesTable Setting 1Table CentrepiecePlace Setting

White, Apple Green and Crystal
Table SettingsHanging CrystalFull TableFeather Centrepiece 1Feather CentrepieceChair Cover

Lavender, Gold and Pink

Table CentrepieceMirrored TableFloral ArrangementCrystalChair and Table Edge Gold

Mint Green, Amber and Fuscia
Place SettingFloral Centrepiece 2Floral CentrepieceAmber Lights

Red, Black and Gold
High Table CentrepieceTable Centrepiece 1Table and ChairFull TableFlowers Close

I am completely in love with these styles. I’ll load up more images soon for your inspiration!

Happy Celebrating!


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