December 20, 2012

Summer Picnic Wedding Inspiration


The 2012/2013 Australian wedding seasons has kicked off and I am so excited to see a new and exciting set of colour palates and themes brides are trying out! One that has really caught my eye and I have fallen in love with is the idea of a Picnic Wedding. Summer is one of Australia’s most beautiful seasons and we love being outdoors! This charming, laid back and intimate theme has really taken off this wedding season and I have put together some inspiration and ideas on how to plan the prefect summer picnic wedding with some adorable and gorgeous extras from Pink Frosting.

Your invitations are the first part of the puzzle your guests see so why not make them special. Depending on your style there is a range of wedding invitations that suits the picnic theme, try these adorable Love Birds invitations in a range of different colours, or these fun and elegant Chalk Board invitations. If you’re going for a more vintage style picnic theme the Lace Invites in a range of colours will suit your wedding impeccably.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

With a picnic wedding your ceremony and reception are most likely going to be outdoors, which gives you the opportunity to use Mother Nature’s resources and adding a touch of style to them. You colour pallet for an outdoor picnic theme begins with crisp whites, fresh greens, lemon yellows, vibrant reds any colour that just screams out summertime! Walk down the aisle to a row of white lace parasols or hang large tissue paper pom poms along the chairs down the aisle for a garden-fresh summer feeling.  I love the feeling you get when there are lanterns and pom poms hanging whimsically through a tree! They make for such a gorgeous addition to the scenery of being outdoors.

When it comes to the table settings, this is where you can start having a lot of fun with how you want to design them! For your centrepieces give your table that real country chic picnic feeling and use these large wooden woven picnic baskets filled with flowers, home-made treats, fresh fruit vegetables and bread, the choices are endless with this, they can also double as your table numbers for guests to find.


Continuing with your picnic outdoors wedding theme, send your guests home with wedding favours to match! I love the warmth these mini woven baskets give filled with scrumptious home-made cookies or anything that matches your picnic theme and they tie in perfectly with the centrepieces.


A picnic wedding benefits from the beauty of the outdoors, and with this the colours go to match, natural woods and leafy greens as well as red and white checks this country chic feeling will make for a cosy and memorable event.

May 12, 2011

Wedding Decorations Packages Sent Straight to Your Door – Fabulous!


When it comes to decorating a wedding ceremony or reception venue, I know that most couples don’t have the budget to hire a wedding stylist but still want a designer look.  There are so many decisions to make, it can be daunting for the average bride and groom to cut through the options and not break the budget.  

In a world first, Australia’s number one online wedding shop, is coming to the rescue by offering you a range of wedding ceremony and wedding reception decorations packages in themes and colour schemes to suit most weddings, delivered in a gorgeous box straight to the your door or even to the venue. 

We’ve taken our expertise and created packages for wedding ceremonies and receptions that deliver all the elements needed for a stylish wedding in one package – accessories, decorations, Bomboniere, stationery – all hand-picked by the Pink Frosting wedding team so you know they look wonderful together. 

The packages are arranged into several themes such as Black and White, Beach and Destination Weddings, Classic White Weddings as well as in colours such as pink, green, purple and blue.  Once you choose the theme or colour scheme for your wedding, you can select from packages in their theme delivered straight to your door, such as a ceremony decoration package, a budget reception package, a stationery package or a deluxe package. 

To further customise the package, you can choose to “upgrade” the packages with personalised products or other additional items that aren’t a necessity but add further glamour to your wedding day. 

The new wedding package deals can be seen at:

Happy Celebrating!


May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Round-Up

There wasn’t a dry eye in my house as we watched the beautiful and elegant Catherine Middleton walk down the aisle to Prince William at Westminster Abbey on Friday evening.  Her gown has been universally praised for its elegance and detailing, and her composure under such enormous pressure proves what an intelligent and mature lady the new Duchess is.  Can you imagine keeping your cool under the eye of over 2 billion people?  She is an exceptional lady in my book.

Here are some of our favourite parts of the Royal Wedding:

Dress #1

Kate Middleton Dress 1

Image: AP Photo/Martin Meissner

The elegant gown by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen was a nod to the tradition of the British monarchy and also represented a new modernity.  I was surprised that Kate chose a gown that included lace as I glimpsed her in the back of the car before the wedding ceremony, but when she stepped out, my breath was taken away!  The bustle was my favourite part of the look – I am looking forward to bustles and lace making a welcome return to bridal fashion this year.

Dress #2

Kate Middleton Dress 2

Image:  Insider Wire

The second gown that Kate changed into for the reception, also designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen with a stunning shrug cardi gives inspiration to ever winter and autumn bride!  I had a Collette Dinnigan beaded cardigan that I wore at my wedding reception when the weather turned cooler in the evening and I feel now that my choice was vindicated!

Pippa Middleton


Dubbed “Her Royal Hotness”, Pippa Middleton almost stole the show from Kate.  Her stunning cowl neck sheath dress will transform bridesmaid fashion and gives brides the choice to have cream, ivory and white for their bridesmaids on their wedding day.  She handled the pressure beautifully and was a modern picture of support and elegance.  The perfect Maid of Honour, and Lady in Waiting.

The Mateship of Brothers

Harry and William

Image: Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images Europe

The great friendship between the brothers Prince Harry and Prince William was so apparent during the wedding.  Such a public display of mateship was wonderful to behold.  And how regal and handsome did this pair look in their regalia?

The Hats


I love a British wedding if just for the hats.  Millinary has never been more prominently on display as it was last Friday.  Tongues wagged for all the wrong reasons about the over-the-top choice of hat worn by Princess Beatrice, and for all the right reasons for the elegant head wear chosen by Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) and Zara Phillips.

The Mother of the Bride


I have an awful lot of sympathy for Carole Middleton, Kate’s mum.  She has been panned by the media for not being sophisticated enough for the royal family, but I fail to see what is wrong with a family oriented woman who has made millions of dollars from a business that she is passionate about.  I think she’s amazing and I was so excited that she looked so elegant and beautiful on the day.  There was not one thing to criticise.  She was amazing.  You go girl.

The Cake

royal wedding cake


The eight tiered wedding cake was a pretty vintage inspired cake that elegantly blended white and cream.  This restrained work of art included over 900 sugar flowers by master cake maker Fiona Cairns.  I love that it was wide, not tall so it wasn’t overwhelming and that it reflected some of the artworks in the room it was displayed in for the reception, with acorns, garlands and apple blossom flowers piped into the design.  Elegant and awe-inspiring.

The Kiss

royal wedding kiss

Can you imagine kissing your new wife or husband for the first time in front of 2 billion people?  Then, doing it again!  Agh, just love the reaction of the little bridesmaid covering her ears.  My sentiments exactly… this is something you want to do not in front of a roaring crowd!

Getaway Car


Proving that they have a great sense of humour and modernity, the choice of using Prince Charles’ Aston Martin decorated in tin cans, ribbons and just married signs was one of my favourite parts of the whole wedding.  The perfect way to end a perfect wedding.

Congratulations Wills and Catherine.

Happy Celebrating



January 13, 2011

Frangipani Wedding Decorations

Frangipani bouquet

Apart from the hibiscus, there’s perhaps no other flower that says beach wedding than gorgeous fragrant frangipanis.  Frangipanis or plumeria as they are also known are blooming everywhere along our beaches at the moment.  One of our iconic beach flowers, they make the perfect beach wedding decoration or flower motif for Australian weddings. 


Image credits: Frangipani wedding cake, photo by Nicole Pearce.  Frangipani bouquet and aisle decoration images from Lindsay Van Roy Photography for Brett and Erin’s wedding.  Frangipani beach aisle by Aloha Island Weddings at Simply Chic Wedding Ideas.  Frangipani link ring by Stasita New Zealand.  All stationery by Alannah Rose at Pink Frosting’s beach wedding shop.  All beach collection wedding accessories and decorations at Pink Frosting’s beach online wedding shop.

Here are our top tips for using frangipanis to theme your Australian beach wedding:

  • Bunch them closely.  Frangipanis in tight formation are simply chic.  Look at our gorgeous frangipani bouquet above – chic and gorgeous!
  • If you choose yellow frangipanis, your best colour choices for ribbons, accents, glassware, napery and decor is buttercup yellow, ivory, crisp white, black or sand.
  • Frangipanis work beautifully with massive blossoms such as fully blown roses, hibiscus or lillies.  We’re not fans of frangipanis and other waxy flowers such as orchids, but they can look lovely together if you use a master florist.
  • Generally, frangipanis don’t need foliage to complement them.  Think of the flower in its natural state – the flowers are clustered and the branches are fairly sparse.  Take your cue from the flower in its natural environment and don’t use leaves as part of your table decorations, aisle decorations or bouquets.
  • Frangipani leis are so easy to create.  It’s a fun way to spend your night before the wedding with your best girls – simply use fishing line and a large needle to thread frangipani blooms.  A beautiful favour for your guests.
  • Incorporate frangipanis into your wedding ceremony with large garlands of frangipani flowers laced together like a long leis.  Such a versatile idea – you can then loosely hang them between your chairs down your aisle or decorate a garden trelise with them behind the bride and groom.  Also, give your flowergirl frangipani flowers to toss when she walks down the aisle.
  • Create a heart using frangipani flowers for the bride and groom to stand in when they marry.  This simple but beautiful idea works a treat on the beach or on grass in a garden wedding.
  • For table decorations, choose faux frangipani flowers and either scatter your frangipanis loosely around the table, lay one on each table setting for a contemporary chic look, or use miniature beach buckets filled with starfish, sand and frangipanis (see the beautiful beach buckets by Pink Frosting above – we also used Swarovski crystal encrusted starfish to complement the yellow frangipanis).
  • You can incorporate frangipanis in your wedding theme in many ways.  Here are some other ideas:
    • Your wedding invitations – frangipanis on the beach or in a heart make a glamorous stationery idea.  Some gorgeous styles from Dream Day Wedding Invitations and Alannah Rose make a real statement;
    • Your wedding accessories – use frangipani flowers in your bridesmaid’s hair and in your groomsmen’s buttonholes;
    • Your parasols – choose a plain wedding parasol and glue on frangipanis around the centre and border to create a unique wedding day accessory for photographs
    • Your  wedding bombonieres and favours – choose a favour with a frangipani motif such as personalised candy jars (yummy filled with yellow jelly beans), flip flop candles with a frangipani toe; or a photo frame with a frangipani flower attached to the swing tag – gorgeous!

Here are some beautiful ways to use frangipanis on your wedding day:

Frangipani Aloha Island Weddings 1

Image: Aloha Weddings


Frangipani Cupcakes by Consumed Cakes

Frangipani Cupcakes by Consumed Cakes


Frangipanis and Lillies Wedding Ceremony Site by Aloha Island Weddings

Frangipanis and Lillies Wedding Ceremony Site by Aloha Island Weddings

Frangipani Themed Wedding Tables by Disney Resort

Frangipani Themed Wedding Tables by Disney Resort

Beach Bucket with Starfish and Frangipanis by Pink Frosting's Wedding Shop

Beach Bucket with Starfish and Frangipanis by Pink Frosting's Wedding Shop

There are so many ways to use these gorgeous flowers in your beach wedding.  I’d love to see your photos if you have some to share!

Happy Celebrating!


December 14, 2010

The Unity Sand Ceremony – Making it Work #2

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The lovely Lisa Foster, a friend of Pink Frosting and a much-loved wedding celebrant, just posted a really interesting comment about my post this morning, The Unity Sand Ceremony – Making it Work.  Lisa’s had many couples use the sand ceremony as part of their wedding day, so I thought it would be really enjoyable and informative for you to read her thoughts on how to make it work for you.

I have had several couples and families perform the sand ceremony during a wedding or a naming ceremony- they are especially drawn to the meaning behind it and welcome the chance to involve their children or families in the ceremony.

For marriages – the sand represents our word and once our word is given it cannot be taken back, such as the sand, once combined, cannot be seperated.

To involve families during a wedding ceremony, sand is poured by the bride and groom and by their parents to demonstrate the importance of family life and involve them in the ceremony.

Colours can be chosen based on personal preference, or to represent certain qualities

  • White: Purity, spiritual values, devotion
  • Yellow: Harmony, balance, friendship
  • Pink or Red: Love, passion, romance, happiness
  • Green: Health, luck, prosperity
  • Purple: Power, dignity, strength
  • Brown: Nurturing, home and hearth
  • Blue: Patience, tranquility, longevity
  • Silver: Creativity, talents, inspiration

for example – but several can be found on the internet or the library

For naming ceremonies, the sand can symbolise all members of the family and the unique qualities that each person brings to the family – and that even though combined – the individual colours are still visible emphasizing the individuals which, when together make up the family unit.

In one naming ceremony I’ve had one family use the sand ceremony to honour the child’s 4 godparents so that the child may always be reminded of their presence and support in their life.

Sand ceremonies are preferable to a candle lighting ceremony for showing unity in an outdoor wedding as the candle can not blow out – a simple paper funnel may be made to prevent sand blowing away whilst pouring.

The sand ceremony also is wonderful in a visual way both to keep at home and to add colour and variety to a ceremony – people can look at something different going on within the ceremony and it makes the ceremony a little more active.

Highly recommended!!

Thanks Lisa!  Please visit Lisa at her beautiful website or join her active community on Facebook.  And you can shop for Unity Sand Ceremony vases and sand at Pink Frosting’s wedding shop – shop here.

Happy Celebrating!


The Unity Sand Ceremony – Making it Work

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I had a lovely bride yesterday want to have a unity sand ceremony at her beach wedding on Hamilton Island in January, but she didn’t know how it works.  I thought it was the perfect excuse to post about the unity sand ceremony and how you can incorporate it into your wedding ceremony.

What is the Unity Sand Ceremony?

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a modern take on the traditional wedding unity ceremony.  Brides and grooms use the unity ceremony to symbolise their love and commitment to one another in marriage.  Usually, for the traditional unity ceremony there is a single candle (the unity candle) that both bride and groom light from a flame of their own taper candles. Parents or other members of the wedding party often join in the candle lighting ceremony using candles of their own, too.

The Unity Sand Ceremony takes this lovely wedding tradition a step further, .  In this ritual, the couple pours various colours of sand from separate containers into one special container, the unity vase, symbolising the joining of two lives as one family.  The brillant part of this ceremony is the couple gets to keep the vase filled with sand as a reminder of their wedding day, forever more in their home.

What do you need for the Unity Sand Ceremony?


You only require a beautiful vase and unity sand in colours that represent you both perfectly to make the unity sand ceremony work for you.  Like any part of your wedding day, finding a vase and colours that represents your wedding theme and your individuality as a new family is really the hardest part!  Pink Frosting’s wedding shop offers three types of vases for your wedding sand ceremony representing both modern, romantic and traditional brides and grooms.  Each of these not only work beautifully on your wedding day, but also make a gorgeous ornament in your home. 

The Unity Sand Ceremony Itself


To perform the unity sand ceremony, the easiest way is to follow these simple steps:

1) The Groom pours a portion of his sand into the central glass vase to create layer 1.

2) The Bride then pours a portion of her sand into the same central vase to create layer 2.

3) The Groom then adds another layer of his sand to create layer 3.

4) The Bride continues to add another layer of sand to complete layer 4.

5) To complete the Unity Sand Ceremony, the Groom and Bride seal their union by pouring the balance of their sand simultaneously into the central vase.

The vows for the ceremony vary and most couples prefer to write their own, but you may want to consider including words about the joining of your souls as one complete family in your vows.  Talk with your celebrant about how they like to incorporate this ceremony into your wedding day rituals.

I hope this helps you create a beautiful unity sand ceremony on your wedding day!  You can shop for Unity Sand Ceremony vases and coloured sand at Pink Frosting’s online wedding shop.

Happy Celebrating!