December 20, 2012

Summer Picnic Wedding Inspiration


The 2012/2013 Australian wedding seasons has kicked off and I am so excited to see a new and exciting set of colour palates and themes brides are trying out! One that has really caught my eye and I have fallen in love with is the idea of a Picnic Wedding. Summer is one of Australia’s most beautiful seasons and we love being outdoors! This charming, laid back and intimate theme has really taken off this wedding season and I have put together some inspiration and ideas on how to plan the prefect summer picnic wedding with some adorable and gorgeous extras from Pink Frosting.

Your invitations are the first part of the puzzle your guests see so why not make them special. Depending on your style there is a range of wedding invitations that suits the picnic theme, try these adorable Love Birds invitations in a range of different colours, or these fun and elegant Chalk Board invitations. If you’re going for a more vintage style picnic theme the Lace Invites in a range of colours will suit your wedding impeccably.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

With a picnic wedding your ceremony and reception are most likely going to be outdoors, which gives you the opportunity to use Mother Nature’s resources and adding a touch of style to them. You colour pallet for an outdoor picnic theme begins with crisp whites, fresh greens, lemon yellows, vibrant reds any colour that just screams out summertime! Walk down the aisle to a row of white lace parasols or hang large tissue paper pom poms along the chairs down the aisle for a garden-fresh summer feeling.  I love the feeling you get when there are lanterns and pom poms hanging whimsically through a tree! They make for such a gorgeous addition to the scenery of being outdoors.

When it comes to the table settings, this is where you can start having a lot of fun with how you want to design them! For your centrepieces give your table that real country chic picnic feeling and use these large wooden woven picnic baskets filled with flowers, home-made treats, fresh fruit vegetables and bread, the choices are endless with this, they can also double as your table numbers for guests to find.


Continuing with your picnic outdoors wedding theme, send your guests home with wedding favours to match! I love the warmth these mini woven baskets give filled with scrumptious home-made cookies or anything that matches your picnic theme and they tie in perfectly with the centrepieces.


A picnic wedding benefits from the beauty of the outdoors, and with this the colours go to match, natural woods and leafy greens as well as red and white checks this country chic feeling will make for a cosy and memorable event.

May 12, 2011

Wedding Decorations Packages Sent Straight to Your Door – Fabulous!


When it comes to decorating a wedding ceremony or reception venue, I know that most couples don’t have the budget to hire a wedding stylist but still want a designer look.  There are so many decisions to make, it can be daunting for the average bride and groom to cut through the options and not break the budget.  

In a world first, Australia’s number one online wedding shop, is coming to the rescue by offering you a range of wedding ceremony and wedding reception decorations packages in themes and colour schemes to suit most weddings, delivered in a gorgeous box straight to the your door or even to the venue. 

We’ve taken our expertise and created packages for wedding ceremonies and receptions that deliver all the elements needed for a stylish wedding in one package – accessories, decorations, Bomboniere, stationery – all hand-picked by the Pink Frosting wedding team so you know they look wonderful together. 

The packages are arranged into several themes such as Black and White, Beach and Destination Weddings, Classic White Weddings as well as in colours such as pink, green, purple and blue.  Once you choose the theme or colour scheme for your wedding, you can select from packages in their theme delivered straight to your door, such as a ceremony decoration package, a budget reception package, a stationery package or a deluxe package. 

To further customise the package, you can choose to “upgrade” the packages with personalised products or other additional items that aren’t a necessity but add further glamour to your wedding day. 

The new wedding package deals can be seen at:

Happy Celebrating!


February 23, 2011

Kitchen Themed Kitchen Tea

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Could there be a better theme for a kitchen tea than the kitchen itself?  Kitchen teas are such a fun Aussie party where the bride’s female family members and friends get together to celebrate for the bride before her wedding day by presenting kitchen or home themed gifts.  Kitchen teas are often interchanged with the term bridal shower in Australia, but many of our brides host both – usually the shower for friends close in age to the bride herself and a kitchen tea for older family friends and relatives who like a more traditional party for the bride.

There are so many wonderful kitchen themed kitchen tea party supplies around, I just thought that it would make perfect sense to host a fun kitchen themed kitchen tea – take the theme to the ultimate level with lots of kitch (excuse the pun) and fun themed household appliances as your decorations and novelty kitchen timers and whisks as your kitchen tea favours.  This gorgeous inspiration board by Kate Aspen brings the theme to life perfectly.

kitchen tea inspiration board

You can get some other great Kitchen Tea and Bridal Shower planning ideas and themes over at Pink Frosting’s wedding website.

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February 7, 2011

Perfect Bridal Showers in Ten Steps

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Love Heart Cake

Bridal showers and kitchen teas are my favourite wedding parties.  Yes, hens nights are fun but they can be rather messy!  Bridal showers give the bride and her friends and family the chance to create a beautiful party that reflects her personality.  It gives the bride’s loved ones the chance to “shower” the bride in meaningful gifts and it’s less formal than many of the other wedding events.  I’ve been busy today writing lots of articles about my best advice for planning the perfect bridal shower.  My favourite is our Perfect Bridal Shower in Ten Steps over at Pink Frosting’s wedding ideas website.

Here’s an excerpt for you:

1.  Remember who the guest of honour is:  Before you plan anything, take some time to think about the bride and what she’s like.  If she’s a sociable girl with hundreds of friends, she may want a big soiree, but if she’s a shy sort then you will want to keep the party small.  Think also about her likes and loves and you might find a theme is staring you in the face.  Does she love to cook?  Then what about a cooking school shower?  Does she love the beach?  Then why not a champagne brunch on the beach?

2.  Be consistent with the theme:  Now that you’ve decided on a theme, stick with it throughout the party.  Use the theme on the invitations, decorations, with the catering and cocktails, and with the games you play.  The best parties have consistent themes or colour schemes throughout which pull everything together for the guests.

3.  Stick to the budget:  Once you’ve settled on who is paying for the shower, make sure you agree on the budget and stick to it particularly if you are sharing the costs.  If you have a limited budget, you can still create a really fun shower – just get creative about how you spend your money and ask guests to bring a plate of food for example.

4.  Make the party safe and comfortable for everyone:  One of your responsibilities as host of the party is to ensure your guests will be safe and comfortable.  So, spend some time making sure the space is clean and easy to move around.  Is there plenty of seating for guests?  If you have elderly family members attending, make sure there is plenty of space for them to sit and be comfortable at all times.  Is there enough free space for guests to rest their drinks as they mingle? If you have lots of cords for speakers and stereo systems, make sure they are taped down and moved out of the way so there are no trip hazards for guests.

5.  Key area decoration techniques:  To create the best visual impact, think of two or three key spaces to decorate and concentrate mostly on these such as your food table, a cake or gift table and the entrance way.  Then get decorating with some themed pieces – some of our favourites are honeycomb paper bells, coloured paper lanterns, big bulbous party balloons in contrasting colours packed in tightly, paper bags in striking colours overflowing with coloured tissue paper.  Party shops like Pink Frosting have gorgeous bridal shower decorations to help you theme the party.

6.  Before launch, be prepared:  Do a count of how many glasses, plates, knives, forks, spoons, tea cups etc you have for the party and think about if you have enough.  As a general rule, you need at least two plates per guest and two to three glasses because most guests will switch drinks or leave their glass somewhere and not remember it’s their’s!  If you have a large guest list, you might look at hiring your linen, cutlery, crockery and glasses so you have plenty ready for your guests so you don’t need to be worried about washing up during the party to make sure everyone has enough.

7.  Don’t try and do it all yourself:  Any hostess with the mostess knows that perfect parties aren’t all done by one person.  Make the most of your talents and if you love baking, then you make the cake but buy pre-arranged flowers for the decorations to save on time.  If you love decorating but can’t cook, then enjoy tinkering with the decor and buy platters from the local delicatessan instead of attempting to cook everything yourself.

8.  Play lots of fun games:  Games at a bridal shower or kitchen tea mean that guests get to know one another better and they break the ice.  They also create frivolity and activity at the party which can get your guests feeling terrific.  There are heaps of fun bridal shower games to play – see our stories on bridal shower games right here.  And don’t forget some fun prizes for the winners!  Pink Frosting’s bridal shower favours make wonderful budget-friendly but stylish prizes for guests.

9.  Capture the memories:  give someone the task of being the official photographer of the party and don’t forget to get lots of photos of each of the guests as well as the decorations and little details.  Some photos you don’t want to miss include the decor before the guests arrive, pictures of each guest and photos of the bride opening her gifts.  If you really want to do something lovely for the bride, you could make the photos into a scrapbook for her and give this to her as a gift.

10.  Relax and enjoy:  Once the guests arrive, concentrate on everyone having a great time; but don’t forget to relax and enjoy the celebration yourself too.  Afterall, you’ve put in alot of effort, so you will be able to afford some moments to sip on a cocktail and mingle with your guests to enjoy your successful bridal shower.

I hope you find this helpful in planning your bridal shower or kitchen tea party.

Happy Celebrating!


January 13, 2011

Frangipani Wedding Decorations

Frangipani bouquet

Apart from the hibiscus, there’s perhaps no other flower that says beach wedding than gorgeous fragrant frangipanis.  Frangipanis or plumeria as they are also known are blooming everywhere along our beaches at the moment.  One of our iconic beach flowers, they make the perfect beach wedding decoration or flower motif for Australian weddings. 


Image credits: Frangipani wedding cake, photo by Nicole Pearce.  Frangipani bouquet and aisle decoration images from Lindsay Van Roy Photography for Brett and Erin’s wedding.  Frangipani beach aisle by Aloha Island Weddings at Simply Chic Wedding Ideas.  Frangipani link ring by Stasita New Zealand.  All stationery by Alannah Rose at Pink Frosting’s beach wedding shop.  All beach collection wedding accessories and decorations at Pink Frosting’s beach online wedding shop.

Here are our top tips for using frangipanis to theme your Australian beach wedding:

  • Bunch them closely.  Frangipanis in tight formation are simply chic.  Look at our gorgeous frangipani bouquet above – chic and gorgeous!
  • If you choose yellow frangipanis, your best colour choices for ribbons, accents, glassware, napery and decor is buttercup yellow, ivory, crisp white, black or sand.
  • Frangipanis work beautifully with massive blossoms such as fully blown roses, hibiscus or lillies.  We’re not fans of frangipanis and other waxy flowers such as orchids, but they can look lovely together if you use a master florist.
  • Generally, frangipanis don’t need foliage to complement them.  Think of the flower in its natural state – the flowers are clustered and the branches are fairly sparse.  Take your cue from the flower in its natural environment and don’t use leaves as part of your table decorations, aisle decorations or bouquets.
  • Frangipani leis are so easy to create.  It’s a fun way to spend your night before the wedding with your best girls – simply use fishing line and a large needle to thread frangipani blooms.  A beautiful favour for your guests.
  • Incorporate frangipanis into your wedding ceremony with large garlands of frangipani flowers laced together like a long leis.  Such a versatile idea – you can then loosely hang them between your chairs down your aisle or decorate a garden trelise with them behind the bride and groom.  Also, give your flowergirl frangipani flowers to toss when she walks down the aisle.
  • Create a heart using frangipani flowers for the bride and groom to stand in when they marry.  This simple but beautiful idea works a treat on the beach or on grass in a garden wedding.
  • For table decorations, choose faux frangipani flowers and either scatter your frangipanis loosely around the table, lay one on each table setting for a contemporary chic look, or use miniature beach buckets filled with starfish, sand and frangipanis (see the beautiful beach buckets by Pink Frosting above – we also used Swarovski crystal encrusted starfish to complement the yellow frangipanis).
  • You can incorporate frangipanis in your wedding theme in many ways.  Here are some other ideas:
    • Your wedding invitations – frangipanis on the beach or in a heart make a glamorous stationery idea.  Some gorgeous styles from Dream Day Wedding Invitations and Alannah Rose make a real statement;
    • Your wedding accessories – use frangipani flowers in your bridesmaid’s hair and in your groomsmen’s buttonholes;
    • Your parasols – choose a plain wedding parasol and glue on frangipanis around the centre and border to create a unique wedding day accessory for photographs
    • Your  wedding bombonieres and favours – choose a favour with a frangipani motif such as personalised candy jars (yummy filled with yellow jelly beans), flip flop candles with a frangipani toe; or a photo frame with a frangipani flower attached to the swing tag – gorgeous!

Here are some beautiful ways to use frangipanis on your wedding day:

Frangipani Aloha Island Weddings 1

Image: Aloha Weddings


Frangipani Cupcakes by Consumed Cakes

Frangipani Cupcakes by Consumed Cakes


Frangipanis and Lillies Wedding Ceremony Site by Aloha Island Weddings

Frangipanis and Lillies Wedding Ceremony Site by Aloha Island Weddings

Frangipani Themed Wedding Tables by Disney Resort

Frangipani Themed Wedding Tables by Disney Resort

Beach Bucket with Starfish and Frangipanis by Pink Frosting's Wedding Shop

Beach Bucket with Starfish and Frangipanis by Pink Frosting's Wedding Shop

There are so many ways to use these gorgeous flowers in your beach wedding.  I’d love to see your photos if you have some to share!

Happy Celebrating!


December 22, 2010

Carolyn’s Beautiful Canberra Wedding

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One of Pink Frosting’s very precious Online Shopping Consultants, Carolyn Battye, recently tied the knot with her man Arlen in Canberra at the very beautiful Gold Creek Chapel, and we wanted to share the gorgeous photos with you, as well as Carolyn’s advice to other brides planning their big day right now.






What was your favourite part of the day?

Fave part of the day….. mmm hard…  I loved it all….. I guess walking out the chapel officially married and being greeted by everyone who is dear to me.. people I haven’t seen for ages, family, friends, etc.  LOVED  the photo shoot. . . Our entrance as Mr and Mrs Battye…  Cutting the cake, first dance…. It was all exciting!

Who was your wedding day dream team?

The photographer was Mel Hill

The ceremony was at ‘Gold Creek Chapel’ and the Reception was held at ‘The Abbey’, both at Gold Creek, Nicholls, ACT.  The staff at the Abbey were FANTASTIC! Super friendly service and the meals were one of the best I have ever eaten. Anywhere Ever!!!!!!! Everyone commented on the food for weeks after the wedding.

I made the flowers myself and my makeup artist was Jacqueline Scott and my best friend did my hair.  She is so clever!



 Having “been there, done that” now, what five things would you recommend to other brides?

  • Plan well ahead and be sure to meet with the people who you will be associating with on your special day – catering mgr, chapel staff etc…
  • Choose a celebrant to match your personality – Ours was WONDERFUL! He had a great sense of humour and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony.
  • Have a backup plan for the weather – make sure your photographer knows of alternate places to offer you – it started pouring as we walked out of the chapel and we had a garden booked for photos.
  • Be sure to do a final check of the bridal parties appearance before you all walk down the isle – my son didn’t have his shirt tucked in and no-one noticed!! Eeeeek
  • Keep a collection of photos (positions, locations, landmarks)  you like leading up to the day… You may be able to have these photos taken for your own collection.


As someone who works in the wedding industry, what advice are you now giving Pink Frosting brides that you learned from your big day?

  • Be aware of time frames for bulk / personalised items.
  • It is possible to sample items before purchasing bulk quantities.
  • Have back up plans for weather permitting venues… Having parasols umbrellas just in case.
  • Be organised and don’t sweat the small stuff-not everything always goes according to plan….
  • Guest numbers will always change, so take this into consideration when ordering bonbonniere etc….

We hope you love these inspiring pictures as much as we did!  Thank you Carolyn for sharing your day with us and also for your work every day in making Pink Frosting’s customer’s weddings and parties just that much more special.  We adore you!

Happy Celebrating!


December 3, 2010

Royal Wedding Fever Reflects in Wedding Trends for 2011

Royal Wedding Decorations

Like it or loathe it (and we love it) Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal nuptials on April 29 next year are set to reflect in weddings around the world for the next couple of years, with “fairytale bling” being the decorating style of choice.   And, the English royal wedding will create princess fever that won’t die down for some time yet!

The style we’re predicting is anything that glitters and is monogrammed will be the chic message for 2011 and 2012 brides.  The royal wedding itself will no doubt be very respectful of the traditions and customs of the royal family, but the every day take on the style of fairytale wedding will be very glittery with lots of sparkling wedding decorations and crystal and all stationery, decorations and wedding bomboniere monogrammed with the couple’s details to create a truly unique look.

Fit for a princess are dazzling acrylic diamonds, mirror bases on tables and crystal garlands dripping from high reception table centrepieces.  Wedding invitations will feature embossed monograms and gold or platinum foiled personally-created motifs.

Brides inspired by the royal wedding can style their wedding favours along the same lines by reaching for Antique Acrylic Place Card Frames, a diamond like place card frame which doubles as both a place card on table settings for wedding receptions as well as beautiful miniature photo frames for your guests to take home and Crystal Diamond Shaped Tea Light Holders which cast a twinkling glow on wedding table settings as well as make a beautiful wedding bomboniere for guests.

We hope you are truly inspired to create your own fairytale on your wedding day!

Happy Celebrating!


December 2, 2010

Wedding Favour Trends for 2011


Many brides and grooms are planning their 2011 wedding celebrations now, and they want to know what the scoop is on the latest ideas for 2011 wedding favours and bomboniere.  The team at Australia’s number one online wedding store, Pink Frosting, lets you in on a little secret:  here are the trends in wedding favours for 2011!

The Big Trends

The big trend for 2011 will be anything inspired by royalty!  With Kate Middleton and Prince William tying the knot in April 2011, we’re predicting that anything that glitters will be the chic message for our 2011 brides.  The other trends for 2011 are eco-friendly favours, personalised favours, favours that double as table decorations and home-made of home-inspired wedding favours.  As with weddings in general, we’re seeing a trend towards the personalisation of the big day – a more unique approach to weddings that reflects the personality of the bride and groom and all of those that they love.

Royal Wedding Favours that Glitter


With the royal wedding in the first half of 2011, one of the key wedding trends will be everything that is royal and anything that glitters!  Fit for a princess are dazzling acrylic diamonds, mirror bases on tables and crystal garlands dripping from high reception table centrepieces.  To style your wedding favours along the same lines, reach for the Antique Acrylic Place Card Frame, a diamond like place card frame which doubles as both a place card on your table settings for your wedding reception as well as beautiful miniature photo frames for your guests to take home, Crystal Diamond Shaped Tea Light Holders which cast a twinkling glow on wedding table settings as well as make a beautiful wedding bomboniere for your guests, and Diamond Ring Bottle Stoppers with a glistening engagement ring top make a very chic wedding bomboniere for guests. 

Edible Wedding Favour Trends


Every guest loves a wedding candy or chocolate treat – it’s a very easy way to please your guests.  The big trend from 2010 which continues into 2011 is the Candy Buffet or lolly table, where guests can choose from a variety of candies and desserts to place in a themed bag to take home as their wedding bomboniere.  This fun trend is getting more serious and in itself has become one of the key decorations for the wedding reception. 

Home made edible wedding favours are also a key trend for 2011.  Couples may have a favourite recipe that they bottle and give to guests.  We have seen lovely home-made favours such as jams, home-farmed honey, cookies and other delicious baked treats.

Personalised candy is also a big trend for 2011.  There are many ways to make your wedding chocolates or wedding candy unique to you – personalised rock candy with your names and wedding colours, personalised labels on fun wedding lollipops are a huge hit and wedding chocolates wrapped in a personalised wrapper will make guests very happy indeed!

Trends in Beach Wedding Favours


If you’re hosting your wedding at the beach, the trends in beach wedding favours and bomboniere are to use beach and nautical themed favours as part of your table decorations.  Some of the favourites include the Adirondack Deck Chair Tealight Candles and Place Card Holder Wedding Favours which evoke a seaside feeling and also serve as place card or photo holders and provide a decorative touch as well as romantic lighting to a beache wedding reception, and the Castles in the Sand Tealight Candle which serves the dual purpose of being a softly romantic candle on wedding reception tables and also a sweet take-home favour for guests.

One of the big trends for 2011 beach weddings will be hand fan wedding favours to give to every guest during the wedding ceremony.  There are so many designs and colours to choose from, but the most popular are the Timber Hand Fan Favours and the White Paper Hand Fans, which match most beach wedding themes.

Australian bides know that the heat on the beach can be oppressive for their guests – sometimes year round in many Aussie locations.  For both practical purposes and because they look so beautiful in photographs, handing a wedding parasol to every guest at the ceremony and as their wedding favour is a practical and very appreciated wedding favour.

DIY Wedding Favour Trends


Do it yourself and craft it yourself really is the theme of the moment in weddings.  We love that brides are embracing homespun traditions and their childhood loves and are hosting weddings where they play a critical role in every part of the day – from crafting the table centrepieces and bridal bouquet to asking their favourite aunt to embroider the table runners with their monogram.  Creating a personalised and home-spun wedding favour is fun – gather your bridesmaids around and make something dear to your heart to give to guests who will really appreciate the gesture.

Some of the latest arrivals for 2011 DIY favours include Heart Jewels in Diamond Clear which are diamond shaped embellishments which also make lovely table scatters for wedding reception tables, in the bathrooms and around the wedding cake.  Do it yourself brides love the Customised Bomboniere Rock Candy as it means they have a base for their wedding favours.  They can then take their personalised lollies and wrap them in cello and tie with a personalised ribbon, encase the candy in an organza bag or pop into a homemade wedding favour box.

For home made jams, lollies and other treats, Flip Top Personalised Mini Candy Jars give you a great presentation that suits the style and colour of the wedding with a personalised label.  choose

Many DIY brides are opting for cupcake favours for their guests, and the love that goes into making a cupcake makes this treat even more special.  The laser cut cupcake wrappers, cupcake boxes and cupcake decorations at Pink Frosting make giving a cupcake favour even more lovely!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours


Couples that have a heart for the environment have many options for eco-friendly wedding favours in 2011.  One of our favourites is to make a donation to the couple’s favourite charity.  One of the key trends in 2011 will also be to give a plant, seeds or flower bulbs to guests.  We also adore the new eco friendly tote favour bags bearing a message of a greener earth and a protected environment.  Some of the other key trends are wedding favours using recycled materials and home-made favours that re-use materials from the home.

Where to Shop for Wedding Favours in 2011

No matter whether you spell it wedding favours, wedding bomboniere, bonbonniere, bombonieres or favors, at Australia’s wedding shop Pink Frosting, our mission is to bring Australian brides a unique selection of wedding bomboniere and wedding favours for your wedding day to purchase online, for delivery anywhere in Australia.  No fuss, perfect wedding bomboniere boxes, wedding favour tags, bomboniere ideas, personalised wedding bomboniere and wedding favours and unique ideas for wedding favours every single time!

Shop Wedding Favours now >>

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July 11, 2010

Wedding Invitation Wording How-To

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Peony Pop DS Invitation

Mastering the art of wording your wedding invitations needn’t be stressful.  I’m a real fan of invitation wording that reflects your personality and style – just like the theme of your wedding as well as the style of your celebration.  Tradition certainly has its place and if you’re holding a black tie or traditional ceremony and reception, it pays dividends to pay homage to wedding invitation wording traditions; however, if you’re a non-conformist and you’re hosting a fun, casual celebration with a modern twist, go to town with your wording and make it a reflection of your special day.

Here’s our guide to wedding invitation wording…

At its most basic, here is a guide:

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Durand
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Sophie Lynn
Jeffrey Lautrec
son of
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lautrec
Saturday, the fourth of December
Two thousand and eight
at two o’clock in the afternoon
Fox Green Country Club
2621 Hunter Avenue
Melbourne, Victoria

Many couples consider it archaic to address everyone as a Mr. or a Mrs, so you may drop the prefix in favour of “Oliver and Lucinda Durand” and “Michael and Jessica Lautrec”. 

You may also choose to relax the request line to suit the casual style of your wedding.  In this case, pen your invitation with “pleasure of your company” or “invite you to share in the marriage of”.

If you are hosting the wedding alongside your parents, you may wish to save space with something like:

Sophie Lynn Durant
Jeffrey Lautrec
together with their parents
request the pleasure of your company at their marriage
2pm, Saturday 4 December 2008
Fox Green Country Club
2621 Hunter Avenue
Melbourne, Victoria

Whether parents names are included on the invitation or not, remember to thank each set of parents for their support with a toast at the reception.

If your family relationships are complicated, don’t worry.  The key rule to follow is that the person (or people) listed on the invitation should be the host (or hosts) of the wedding reception. If divorced parents are co-hosting the event, they may both still be listed, though preferably on separate lines.

Still confused?  The Knot has a fantastic wording wizard with every possible combination to help you get your invitation right.  Or try, which features an array themed wording samples, including seasonal, holiday, cultural and even Shakespearean invitations!

More Wedding Invitation Ideas & Inspirations >>

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May 10, 2010

More Stunning Wedding Colours to Shop!

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Given the huge response to our post yesterday about choosing your wedding colours and how easy it is to accessorise your wedding colours online with Pink Frosting’s new colour categories, we’ve got two more colours to inspire you!  Chocolate Brown and my personal favourite, Hot Pink!

Wedding Colour: Chocolate Brown


From bitter chocolate to golden coffee, brown is a contemporary stylish selection for decorating your wedding. 

Here are our favourite chocolate hued wedding supplies for your day:

Shop for all of Pink Frosting’s chocolate brown wedding supplies here >>

Wedding Colour: Hot Pink


Hot fuchsia pink is a stunning wedding colour, especially for beach and garden weddings where the contrast with your Australian location will really have a dramatic impact. 

Here are our favourite hot pink wedding picks:

  • Fuchsia Paper Paddle Fans – these beachy themed paddle fans make a great wedding favour, ceremony accessory for guests and bridesmaids, as well as a gorgeous table decoration;
  • Hot Pink Paper Heart Honeycomb – as decorations go, this has got to be one of the hottest for your pink themed wedding – romantic, bright and a great price too;
  • Numbered Table Vase Decorations – a hot new product, these unique personalised table vases number your tables as well as create a unique decoration printed just for you;
  • Hot Pink Parasols – Pink Frosting is renowned as the parasol shop for Australia and this gorgeous high quality fabric parasol will not disappoint;
  • Fuchsia and Orange Bouquet Wedding Guest Book – spectacular colours for a beach, Moroccan or Indian Summer themed wedding;

Shop for all Pink Frosting’s fuchsia hued wedding supplies right here >>

No matter what colour you choose, Pink Frosting’s new Shop by Colour category will really help you create a spectacular wedding day!

With thousands of options for your wedding day, sometimes it’s difficult to put it all together with style without losing your cool!  Let our team of stylists help you mix and match your style and colours and themes to bring together a wedding day that is truly unique to you.  If you ever have any questions about how to use Pink Frosting’s wedding decorations, please call one of our wedding stylists on 1300 855 633 or email us at

Browse our whole range now >>

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