Do you have a passion for the arts? Are you made about music? Whatever your obsession, how about creating your own festival to celebrate it? In this article we will be examining what it takes to produce a DIY festival. The concept of bringing together artists and audience in a suitable environment is full of verve and excitement. For event directors it is a chance to meet and interact with your musical heroes and to bring their art to a wider audience. There is no denying the challenges involved in such an undertaking. They will be many, and they will be, at times, daunting.

Putting on Your Own Festival

DIY festivals: How to create your own event is a mix of the business side of things with the artistic vision. You must have an overarching vision, which will encompass the many parts of your show. Ask yourself, what is the overall purpose of the event? Will it be a one off or the start of a recurrent festival? Where will you hold the event? How many artists? How many days and nights? What will you call your show? Will you manage the thing or bring in a coordinator?

How Will You structure the Business?

Management technologies can be very useful when you come to organising the business side of things. Linking up all the stake holders and their representatives instantly, no matter where they may be geographically situated. The digital age has made many things possible, and heaps cheaper, than they ever were before, especially for artistic entrepreneurs. How will you structure the business? Incorporated Association, Company limited by guarantee, Co-operative, or Proprietary limited company? Will it be a profit or non-profit festival? Will you be applying for funding from government or looking for sponsorship from private enterprise?

Environmental Issues Like Recycling are a Priority

Then there are the nitty gritty aspects, like managing the waste produced by tens of thousands of human beings. Environmental issues like recycling are a priority in the twenty first century. Security is a highly regulated and very expensive element of festival management. Getting the balance right is important, because you must please state bodies and, at the same time, refrain from alienating your festival attendees. Drugs are always in the spotlight, when it comes to events around the world. Keeping people safe from themselves, the weather and everything else, is a tough gig.