What are the necessary ingredients to become the perfect host in the modern age? I would suggest a sizeable serving of graciousness, but leavened with an unstudied casualness. Of course, you need a home with all the bells and whistles unobtrusively in the right place. Hosting guests and diners is predicated upon the ability to meet their requirements and to exceed them wherever possible. You invite these people into your home or business with, hopefully, the best of intentions. You, as host, are at the apex of the wealthiest and most abundant human age, which has ever existed on this planet.

The Hostess with the Mostest

In asking yourself, how to be the perfect host in the modern age, you must realise this consolidation of choice and delivery. There are so many available ingredients, fine produce, a cornucopia of beverage choices, and hospitality styles on offer in the western world in this modern age. The hostess with the mostest brings these elements together under one roof, to elegantly satisfy the desires of her guests. To do anything less would be a gross dereliction of duty. Looking after those who grace your table is a time-honoured tradition.

Marrying Style and Substance

You can show great posture by marrying style and substance together in the presentation of your hospitality. Too much bling and flim flam, will leave your guests hungry for something authentic to get their teeth into. You can flash a winning smile, by delivering heartfelt appreciation for their patronage. It does not take too much more effort to do something well; my mother always used to say. Being the perfect host in the 21st century is, I imagine, a great deal easier than in the medieval era. We are lucky human beings, enjoying considerable material prosperity.

We Complain Too Much About Insignificant Things

We complain too much about insignificant things on a daily basis. What is said at table is another integral aspect of the successful evening or lunch. Good conversation is a rarity in this digital smart phone era. Too many people are staring down into little screens and not making eye contact with their fellow diners. A good host should set some basic house rules governing the prolonged use of mobile phones and devices, whilst guests are at dinner together. Stimulating repartee is the key to a lively lunch. The perfect host in the modern age knows this fact by heart.